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Sat 18 Jun 2011 03:51 PM

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Saudi Arabia executes woman for machete killing

Interior Ministry confirms royal decree issued for execution as Amnesty Int'l calls for end to practice

Saudi Arabia executes woman for machete killing
Amnesty International

Saudi Arabia executed an
Indonesian woman in Makkah on Saturday for killing a Saudi woman, the official
Saudi Press Agency reported, citing a statement from the Interior

Saruna confessed to killing Khairiyah Majlad with a machete, the news
service said. A royal decree was issued for the execution after the
conviction was upheld by the court of cassation and the Supreme Court,
the news service said.

Arabia, a G-20 member, is an absolute monarchy that adheres to a strict
version of Islam.

Homosexuality is illegal and the kingdom’s courts
often sentence people to death by public beheading for crimes such as
rape, murder and drug trafficking.

government of King Abdullah “is keen on the preservation of security,”
the news service said, citing the Interior Ministry statement.

who attacks the secured people and sheds their blood” will be punished
according to religious law, it said.

International on June 10 urged Saudi Arabia to halt the use of the death
penalty after a “significant increase” in executions this year.

least 27 people have been executed in the kingdom this year, the same
number as for all of 2010, Amnesty said in a statement on its website.
Fifteen people were executed in May alone, the London-based rights group

The number
of executions had been declining, dropping to at least 69 people in 2009
from about 102 people the year before and 158 people in 2007, according
to Amnesty.

Kaptain 8 years ago

Sometime back the Court ordered a Saudi woman to pay Sr 40,000 (as bloodmoney) to the maid's family as the maid was murdered by the Saudi woman. Now, had this been the maid who murdered her, then it would have been hung to death or Sr 110,000.

Abusidra 8 years ago

Blood money comes in picture when both parties agree to it in lieu of pardon, otherwise eye for an eye. Also capital punishments and severe punishments only will make people afraid and refrain from doing crimes. See in the US, the rapes comitted only in one night in one city NY is equal to whole of rapes in the whole year in KSA, even though US is a free state, since there is no fear of punishment and justice since its not severe. When one doesn't respect other's life, he shouldn't expect respect for his own life.

Robert 8 years ago

@ Abusidra, really? I think you need to get your facts right first. In the KSA the human rights for maids is 0 and you know that better than us probably? How many serious cases of abuse and killings are never ever reported in KSA?

SAM 8 years ago

For a maid to kill her employer, the employer must have done something, as the maid knew that she would face certain death afterwards. Did the maid get a fair trial where all the facts were revealed? Is there a common standard/law that treats all individuals, irrespective of their nationality, equally?

gordon 8 years ago

In Europe we have much lower crime rates than the U.S.A. despite the fact that they have capital punishment and put more people in prison than other countries.

There has been growing calls from Indonesia to stop sending maids and migrant workers to KSA due to maltreatment. I dont see them doing that for many other countries.

As such Abusidra, your statement does not hold upto scrutiny and must therefore be an incorrect statement

Ozma Siddiqui 8 years ago

Every country has its laws to curb and eliminate crime. In Saudi Arabia, the extreme penalty of execution is meted out for extreme crimes. As a result, it probably has the lowest crime rate in the world. We are able to freely roam outside after hours, spend nights on the beach or camp out in the desert. Of course, murders, rapes and so on do happen, but women do not live in constant fear of molestation. There is also a very strong family culture in Saudi Arabia which is deeply rooted in and inextricably entwined with Islamic tenets. The fear of the consequence of any crime which goes against the family or religious laws is very real and if proven, the guilty party is punished swiftly.
Crimes against maids have become common place in recent years. The exact cause for these episodes of violence has yet to be ascertained, but preventive measures to ban the export of maids is underway.

American in Kuwait 8 years ago

I feel sorry for the maids arriving into Kuwait or KSA as they don't have a clue as to how bad it is going to be !