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Mon 6 Jul 2009 06:45 AM

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Saudi Arabia might seek to widen recruitment net

Ministry mulls move in face of reluctance of some countries to provide workers.

Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Labour could be forced to cast its net wider to find expat workers willing to work as domestic staff in the kingdom, it was reported on Monday.

The Ministry of Labour has said it is facing reluctance from many countries to join the list of providers of foreign workers.

Many countries in discussion with the National Recruitment Committee over domestic labour recruitment have expressed their concern over “sensitive issues” in sending workers, Deputy Minister of Labour Abdul Wahid Al Humaid said in comments published in the Saudi Gazette.

The report did not specify what the concerns were but Al Humaid added that the ministry would have no objections to diversifying its sources of recruitment for domestic workers if necessary.

He told the paper that Saudi Arabia would remain in need of foreign recruitment “even if the employment rate goes down to zero”.

Regulations governing the creation of large recruitment companies will soon be finalised to improve training, provide experience and curb excessive recruitment, according to Al Humaid.

“The ministry is not seeking to stop recruitment but rather limit it in the face of emerging commercial activity that does not serve the national economy but instead represent a burden,” he added.

He said that the ministry was tackling unemployment through the training and recruitment programmes of the Human Resources Development Fund.

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Geriant 11 years ago

It is heartening to know that some countries won't send their citizens to be enslaved in domestic service in Saudi Arabia, because the reputation has finally filtered through. But the reaction of looking further afield is typical of that nation, instead of fixing the problem of rape, sexual harassment, physical violence (and that is just to the manservants!), irregular payment, forbidden holidays, long hours ... the list goes on. If the recruiters start trawling new waters, make sure the human rights warning lights are flashing all around.

Fortunato Pancho 11 years ago

I think the main reason why some countries are reluctant in sending their workers is the physical and mental abuse that some of them suffer in the hands of their employers. Most of the time they come home empty-handed, badly beaten, bruised or worse, in a casket. I think the government should start implementing a stricter penalties for employers on such abuses.

lubna karim 11 years ago

Bad news always sells. What about the other side of the coin what about us who bring in domestic staff at a huge cost only for them to run away next day as they only wanted a free ride into the country. Or those who steal. It is always easy to play the victim of abuse however 50% of these so call crimes are not true. A filipino afriend took to london after staying 5months in KSA, only went she ran away stealling the jewelery did we find out that she was wanted by the interpol for crimes in Kuwait . the fingerprints gave her away. Thank heavens nowe the long need fingerprint is in place.

Fortunato Pancho 11 years ago

It was very disheartening for some people to specifically mention a nationality for a certain crime, very POLITE. This is not against any nationality, you can make-up a story that a Filipino, a Thai, an Indian, a Chinese did this and that. But you're missing the point, it's all about respect for fellow human beings. We have pets like dogs, birds, cats; we care for them but why can't we do the same for other people?

lubna karim 11 years ago

But is not Saudi a nationality?? Its ok to bash us... and not to respond back. I was only giving an example so don't take it personally. And it is not a made up story go to the London Philopine embassy and look up the case. we are excellent ppl in Saudi more good than bad. But ppl dwell on the bad Abuse happens in all countries, the worse form of abuse is by fellow countrymen to one another in their own country, one should blame the governments of each country who have abused their nations so bad to the misfortune of their citizens.

biztrip 11 years ago

I say "let them clean up their own mess". Many years ago (before the wealth and arrogance) it was not uncommon for Saudis to clean, wash, work 12 hrs per day, give to charity, eat amongst other nationalities, pray with clean intentions, think of their friends/families/neighbours etc but now with the wealth and strategic positioning they choose to import other nationalities to do all their dirty work and treat them like stray animals. Shame!

lubna karim 11 years ago

Now you can tell people intentions shame..... Wealth or no wealth just stay away if that is how you hate us .