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Tue 5 Apr 2016 01:39 PM

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Saudi Arabia mulls plan to ban expats from HR, recruitment jobs

Ministry of Labour said to enter consultation period with private sector, considers fine of $3,000 per worker

Saudi Arabia mulls plan to ban expats from HR, recruitment jobs
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Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Labour has outlined plans to prevent non-Saudis working in human resources (HR) and recruitment for the private sector.

The Saudi Gazette reported that the ministry had asked private sector firms to comment on its plans via its website before any decision is implemented.

The consultation period will close on 23 April.

A senior official at the ministry said that firms flouting the ban – if imposed – would be handed a fine of just over $3,000 per worker.

“The ministry will take punitive measures against any private firms that allow foreigners to work in these jobs directly or indirectly,” said Naif Naytah, general supervisor of public affairs at the ministry, according to the Saudi Gazette.

“[A] fine amounting to SR20,000 will be slapped on firms that hire any foreigner to work in these trades, and the fines will be doubled with the number of foreigners hired for these jobs.”

Peter Gabrail 3 years ago

Nepotism is rift in Riyadh schools and it does not help Saudi children

A school is not a place where you ensure your friends and family can pay their mortgages or who can support you stay in your position. Teachers should get jobs based on merit, not how well they know the two British Pakistani principals.

Many teachers have been forced out from the jobs they adored in Riyadh schools. Many have always wanted to stay long term in this job and the feedback they received has always been positive (most rated as outstanding). So why have most western teachers been unable to stay in this school for longer than a year? Nepotism and bullying, its strange that the most incompetent, qualified are kept on simply to make the British Pakistani teachers look brilliant.

Most enthusiastic, qualified and hard working teachers working in Riyadh schools which lets face it is a very challenging don’t last long there.

ahmed 3 years ago

As in Dubai, HR office should limit the amount of sub-continent employees in these jobs. They are the primary violators and are blocking UAE nationals, as in Dubai's case, hiring sub-continent workers that have saturated the market. Visa restructuring also should be in play here in Dubai, as well as, the entire GCC and possibly closing visas for some countries where population levels are too high only allowing visas for some sectors like construction. It is not fair that the UAE government pays for its nationals to educated them overseas only to be blocked in their own country from getting jobs by sub-continent gangs.

Froggy_Goenkar 3 years ago

@Ahmed, I'm not sure what your rant is about?
Are you complaining that "Sub-continent gangs" who actually get paid far less (based on their nationality) are hired by various employers to get the work done, should instead hire you guys for the same pay (3K-7K /mth starting HR salary) and the same 37.5 hours/week of work? Misdirected complaint!

I rather you complain why salaries do not go up so that you can jump to the private sector and avail these so called jobs blocked by sub-continent gangs.

John Doe 3 years ago

You have spoken like a true racist my friend, if you are a local one can only feel sorry for you. If the brain drain starts which it shall looking at how things are will hate to go back on your statement!

Secondly, for high net individuals in the professional sector, what you just suggested rather funnily doesn't cut, even for govt. your homework first...experience along with institutional background matters a lot, subcontinent or not...

Telcoguy 3 years ago

@Ahmed, ignore all the negative comments and the attacks. If you truly believe that companies are making the wrong hiring (that is hiring people who are more expensive relative to their productivity than they should be) choices stop talking about that because you do not want other people to find out, just keep the knowledge to yourself and pick a sector where you believe this the case and show the world how to do it properly. Set up your own business and staff it with the right mix of skills and nationalities.

It is really as simple as that, you can play an arbitrage on the other companies shortcomings, make things right and make yourself rich in the process.

tfg 3 years ago

@Ahamd, Its the norm in every nation to give job priority to its own nationals. Ignore all the negative feedback from non nationals who place their own self interest over the interest of the UAE.