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Thu 13 Aug 2009 10:00 AM

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Saudi campaign to clean up YouTube

Campaign has so far attracted 200 members who surf the site in search of inappropriate content.

Saudi Arabian internet surfers have launched a campaign on video sharing website YouTube to remove content that could offend Saudi sensibilities.

The campaign, “Saudi Flagger”, has so far attracted 200 members who surf the site in search of inappropriate content, Saudi daily Al Riyadh wrote on Thursday.

“All we do is to perform our duty towards our religion and homeland,” said Mazen Al Ali, one of the campaign’s volunteers.

“We hope that the campaign will achieve great success in guiding our youth and block anyone who tries to harm our society.”

Content that is deemed offensive is flagged as inappropriate to the website’s administrators.

Users are then advised to file their complaint under “hateful or abusive content” that “promotes hatred or violence” against religious groups, according to the campaign’s website.

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Hussain M 10 years ago

i enjoy going on youtube to view other peoples opinions and views across the world in addition to hilarious (sometimes rude) content like "you suck at photoshop" & happy tree friends CLean up youtube??? 1st. okay first of all youtube has a built in filter, if you dont want something seen turn on your filter. 2nd. Im Iffy about the kind of content they will seek to ban. I think the first people they will go after are people who speak about reform and independants Saudi film makers, fashion designers and underground Saudi Artists (who recently are growing big across the world) 3rd. Saudi government is already doing a great job of blocking pornography and anti social anti political sites... why bother further? THis is just the latest in boredom for people who have nothing better to do, everyday thousands of saudis log n to youtube to enjoy Music, arts, Movie reviews, HOW TO videos and so on. People Find hings on youtube they will never find on LOCAL tv, since local television is lame and dictated. YOUTUBE is the future of media and people who are scared of it.. and cant control.. wil definatley fight. I support the campaign if they have a certain guidline as to what should or should not be reported.. until then... sorry i dont see why we should. I say this as a Saudi!

saudi 10 years ago

Been doing just that..in case of I find anything that is inappropriate. Great idea though to campaign for a cleaner important website like YouTube. If we all get together and made our voices heard YouTube will be a better place. Thank you for your great efforts.

Ahmed Hussain 10 years ago

Cleaning Youtube? Pleas be serious. Nobody have the obligation to go on YouTube. We can go anywhere else. If Saudi people think that YouTube host inapropriate content for them, they should consider to not visit that site anymore. Saudi people may develop a similar website and put there only "appropriate" content for them. So the rest of the world may continue to enjoy YouTube.

Sergei Kuk 10 years ago

pile of junk anyway. Wish we could go back 15 years to when we didnt have all this rubbish like youtube, big brother, reality tv etc etc etc it is no wonder our childrens brains are addled, they see too much rubbish.

Mo 10 years ago

Why not block all web sites and YouTube videos that promote the offensive ways of the KSA? Let them start CamelTube and see how many hits they get!

Jebel Ali Baba 10 years ago

A society which still lives in the Dark Ages has no eligibility to judge or even to use technologies like the Internet. Get more important things sorted out first.

Nabeel 10 years ago

The Cyberspace is an “Endless Street” of shops that has: The Good, the bad, and the ugly. When we walk in that street, we have total freedom to chose which shop to go in to. Of course there are rules, but they are general. Unfortunately, this is the cyberspace “walk in it or don’t walk”. It is waste of time and resources to block sites, because people will find ways, and there are many, to go to the block sites.

Hussain M 10 years ago

after reading the last four comments, then laughing like an ego maniac. First of all, did anyone read mmy previous comment... cause i mentioned that Thousands if not tens of thousands log on to youtube everyday to watch arts, music, HOW to videos, Educational, Sceintific material then theres the freelance works which range from intresting to hilarious and sometimes jsut plain stupid. Saudis LOVE youtube... not hate it The videos with strong sexual content are already either block.. or removed by youtube for violation of "terms of use" other stuff i can choose not to receive by setting up my filter. the people who are aiming to do this represent a minority of bored people whith nothing better to do in their lives. as for the people who like to judge saudis as being backward and stupid... i implore you to think twice, we are not backward and we are not stupid... however the stupid among us seem to have set the "STEREOTYPICAL NORM" we value youtube and it is our only real form of media. and so far we have used it to spread positive opinions about our country vs the negative. my friends who are young film directors, my freinds who are local rock and rap bands and myself as an engineer and part time stand up comedian. As for those who know nothing about saudi and talk trash about us..... i say show some respect.. without saudi the rest of the world would be in the dark ages... REMEMBER... ITS OUR OIL.... enteindes comprende mi amigos???

Patrick 10 years ago

So now Saudi Arabia will dictate what to put on youtube and what not to?? Just imagine for one moment that the internet is controlled by Saudi Arabia, what a wonderful world this would be... imagine all the freedoms of Saudi Arabia implemented on the world wide web... Lovely!

Sheriff 10 years ago

I don’t understand what the other readers have understood from this artical. These people are trying to do something good for the community. But others please keep your had on the heart & think what good you have done for yourself or to your parents. So please don’t try to point your finger to others, having dirt on u. every community has its own believes & values, humiliating or laughing at them are none other than “educated ……..…..”. If u see the western culture they do not have any set of believes or values. This is the main reason their families are separated & so many dangerous diseases around them. End of the day they are nowhere in the real world. They have no peace in their mind. These are the people who are jealous about the people who are having good morals, manners, wealth, health & blessed Families in their lives. We are a community who are very peaceful & we spared peace among us first saying “Assalamu Alaikum” May Allah’s peace be up on you… how about ur culture my friend????? Finally “Youtube” is not being blocked but this team is trying to minimize the Adult content in it. Let the people love the site & gain knowledge & spread it as long as it’s good for all communities. This comment is for the people who have respect for other community’s differences only.