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Fri 28 Aug 2009 10:32 AM

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Saudi launches its own 'clean' version of YouTube

A group of Saudis develop a website that offers edited clips from the YouTube site.

Saudi launches its own 'clean' version of YouTube
CLEAN SITE: NaqaTube’s logo is “Participate with us in a clean website.” (Getty Images)

A ‘clean’ alternative to the popular video sharing website YouTube has been launched in Saudi Arabia that adheres to the Kingdom’s standards of cultural, religious and moral sensibilities, according to a report.

According to the Arab News daily a group of Saudis have developed

(Naqa means ‘pure’ in Arabic), which is a collection of clean and edited clips from YouTube.

The site censors videos that are deemed negative towards to the Kingdom’s government, scholars and citizens in general.

NaqaTube’s logo is “Participate with us in a clean website.”

In keeping with religious guidelines, images of women and music are also banned, with NaqaTube visitors able to edit their own clips through the site before uploading them online.

According to Abu Ibraheem, one of the moderators of NaqaTube, the site has received nearly 5,000 to 6,000 visitors since its launch two months ago.

It’s the latest measure Saudi has adopted to protect its youth and preserve its cultural and religious identity in cyberspace, Arab News said.

For months now, members of the ‘Saudi Flagger’ campaign have been searching YouTube for inappropriate content, which it then requests the site’s administrators to remove.

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Neil 10 years ago

Is this really how people spend their time in Saudi? Surfing You Tube for dodgy content? Having their own version with "no women or music" is this sane? Is this really how Saudi nationals want to appear to the rest of the world,? I have not read anything "good" about that country in years and with all the issues they should really be addressing the thing they spend time on is bleeding You Tube...are they saying they are better than the rest of us? Are they saying they cannot watch a woman sing on You Tube with getting disturbing thoughts... Weird.

Ajaz 10 years ago

Hi Neil, u must know Saudi is the only country in the world with less number of crimes. The punishment system in Saudi is so tough that nobody even think of doing any crime. I don't say it's 100% crime free country, but when it comes to Europe/US, each moment there's one rape case happening. By launching the new website, they are just trying to throw out the dirty contents from the site which youtube has in it. The more dirty contents in the site, the crimes will be more...So let's appreciate their effort for their country!!

Cook 10 years ago

To Ajaz Your comment is a completely different subject. Crime maybe less in Saudi as compared to the US. That is because of the difference in legal system. Saudis like you said have harsh punishments for crimes. They probably prefer committing a crime to avoid a crime. Set an example- Shoot a rapist, cut off a thief's fingers and on. I do not think the rest of the world wants to do that. The citizens wont allow it.

Dr Jadoon 10 years ago

Well Done Saudi Arabia. That's the reason I love you for ever and ever. We would like to promote NAQA tube and ban YOU tube. Come forward and do it now. Millions of people I met so far and interviewed and this is really how people spend their time every where in the world. Surfing You Tube for dodgy content! Having their own version with "no women or music" is a perfect choice. This really how Muslims want to appear to the rest of the world. Millions and billions of "good" things have been done by this country in years. With all the issues they are really addressing the things. They are, for sure, better than the rest of world. None one should watch a woman sing on any Tube. Music is a 1st step to adultery and adultery is an evil which opens the doors to other evils. It's a great step to launch NAQA TUBE and we appreciate this steps. Expecting more to come in near future.

Jeff 10 years ago

Ajaz, your comment doesnt really make sense. Saudi Arabia isnt the only country in the world with less crime, which is what you tried to claim falsely..... Finland probably has less crime than Saudi, yet its laws are quite liberal. Singapore has strict laws, but not as strict as Saudi Arabia, and they have a lower crime rate than Saudi Arabia. A lot of the crimes in Saudi are not reported or happen underground.

Jebel Ali Baba 10 years ago

I actually followed the link to NaqaTube and couldn't stop laughing. This is NOT a clean YouTube or anything close to that. It is a religous video portal and nothing else. Has nothing to do with YouTube except it shows video clips. No international community and, most important, no relevance. Who care about NaqaTube?

CH 10 years ago

Id does not say anywhere in the Koran that Music is a sin. Most of these controversial laws are a way of controlling the masses and and stay in power. Its very unfortunate that you are misinterpreting the one book you follow and obviously love.

DotDashNet 10 years ago

The Beetles should be banned for one should listen to them anymore, this is a big unforgivable sin...from now on, owners of NAQATUBE have decided, anyone who listens to them will burn in hell forever...and they are serious...No more John Lennon for anyone pls...remember the doors of hell are waiting so if you have a Beetles CD, it is not too late yet, destroy it NOWWW...and save your soul!

abdulla 10 years ago

"Millions of people I met so far and interviewed and this is really how people spend their time every where in the world. "--yeah right, and i am aquaman! dr. jadoon had interviewed not only a million people...he was refering to we better believe this guy.hahahahahaahaha

Yusuf 10 years ago

CH Quran does forbid music :P. Have you ever read the Quran to make such a statement. Eevn the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has forbidden music!