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Mon 30 Sep 2013 01:32 PM

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Saudi man divorces wife over WhatsApp

Man later said that messages were sent by accident, but judge approves divorce anyway

Saudi man divorces wife over WhatsApp
(Photo for illustrative purposes only)

A Saudi Arabian man divorced his wife of ten months over the smartphone messaging service WhatsApp, it was reported, despite later admitting that he had sent the texts by accident.

According to Saudl daily Okaz, the unnamed man’s wife headed straight to court in the city of Madinah to show the messages to a judge after receiving them.

“The judge considered the message as an official divorce as the word was mentioned three times. He approved it and granted the wife a divorce although the husband told court that he did not mean to divorce her,” the newspaper said.

Last year it was reported that a Saudi man divorced his wife because she had a Twitter account without informing him.

The man in his 30s asked his wife to cancel her account and then decided to divorce her after she refused to do so.

The wife went to her parents' home and efforts to reconcile her and her husband include an agreement where he will pay his wife to delete her account.

Reader 6 years ago

Staff Writer -

Where do you get these news from???

Hessa 6 years ago

There seems to be more and more random articles about Saudi social behavior, I am not sure I believe most of these stories anymore...

Abd 6 years ago

Visit Saudi sometime, if you're not already there and you'll believe these stories more.

Jane 6 years ago

'Like like like like' - button pressed 4 times Mr. Abd.

Bahraini 6 years ago

Rajan 6 years ago

Can't believe such things can happen in a civilized society. These reports have no proper sources, expert quotes or names. Not the way real news is reported. What kind of judge is that, anyway?

rednrosy 6 years ago

this is quite funny, it is almost as good as Freej.

They should turn it into a TV series.

Rob 6 years ago

I am still trying to convince my wife to get a facebook account to connect with friends...