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Sun 29 Dec 2013 10:31 AM

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Saudi prince to be executed

Kingdom says Shariah law will be applied to prince convicted of murder after victim’s family refuse to pardon him

Saudi prince to be executed

A Saudi prince convicted of murder faces execution after the victim’s father refused to pardon him, local media have reported.

Crown Prince Salman, Deputy Premier and Minister of Defence, reportedly said the prince would not be given special treatment despite his royal position.

“Shariah [law] shall be applied to all without exception,” he wrote in a message to Interior Minister Prince Muhammad bin Naif, Arab News reported.

“There is no difference between big and small, rich and poor. The powerful are weak before God’s law until others get their rights from them while the weak are powerful until their rights are protected.

Nobody is allowed to interfere with the judiciary’s decision. This is the tradition of this state. We are committed to following the Shariah.”

The victim was a Saudi citizen and King Abdullah reportedly issued a royal decree stating that capital punishment would be enforced if the reconciliation process between the prince and the victim’s family failed.

The victim’s father issued a statement saying he was not ready to pardon the prince and claimed the reconciliation committee was not fair to him.

He also was not satisfied with the amount of blood money – offered by killers as a means to avoid the death penalty - offered.

Executions are common in the strict Muslim society, with beheading the most common method.

There have been 72 official executions in the kingdom so far this year, according to AFP.

Vinay 5 years ago

feeling good to hear from his excellency that a prince is equal in God's eyes,

Treat 5 years ago

this is probably (relatively) a good piece of news coming out of KSA in a LONG time!

Miya Bhai 5 years ago

all are equal in the eyes of god. its not india or pakistan or any other country where politicians dont get punishment.

Gulf Countries follows shariah Law.

abdulrahman a mohamed 5 years ago

i doubt that he will really be executed. they never apply the laws when it comes to the royal family.

abdul wahid 5 years ago

i agree with you

Abdul Wahid 5 years ago

Good Judgement.... its fair anf equal to every one .........:) all are equal infront of GOD...

Sam 5 years ago

Now this is called Justice !

Charles Tunar 5 years ago

If I were a betting person, here is what I'd bet: Statement made, 'all are equal in the eyes of Allah', very true! However, at the last moment, 'miraculously' the blood money will be accepted (however coerced) and the "Prince" will be quietly released, Hallas

Salman 5 years ago

Good to hear that the law is equal for all, however there are many other cases ( i.e not murder cases ) in which royal family gets preference over the rest of the population.

Arjun 5 years ago

Wait for the same column for a couple of days guys...just wait.