Saudi Rich List
Wed 26 Aug 2009 07:24 AM
Adel Aujan

Adel Aujan

Industry: Retail

Company: Aujan Industries Company

Country: Saudi Arabia

Wealth: 1.4 Billion

Adel Aujan has transformed the Aujan group from a local company into a multinational giant that has cornered markets across the GCC, Iran, Iraq, North Africa and Levant.

At its core is
Aujan Industries

, a manufacturer, marketer and distributor of beverage and confectionary goods, and so successful that you’ve probably got an Aujan product in your fridge (or hand) right now. It has enjoyed particular success with its Rani, Barbican, Vimto and Hani soft drink brands, and is today considered to be the largest privately held FMCG company in the Middle East.

Aujan has recently presided over an aggressive drive to expand and diversify the group’s interests. And through its subsidiary Rani International Development, it has moved into the real estate sector, a venture that ranges from developing landmark towers in Dubai’s Business Bay to operating luxury resorts in southern Africa.

While rumours of a Tadawul listing proved unfounded last year, there’s still an outside chance that Aujan could be tempted to take his company to market in order to raise funds for further expansion.

With operations in 15 locations across the region, brand presence in over 50 countries, and more than 2,500 employees, Aujan is already considered one of the Gulf’s most successful home-grown entities.