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Thu 12 Feb 2015 11:23 AM

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Saudi TV anchor claims she was fired for being 'ugly'

The manager of a satellite channel sacked her on the first day because she was "not presentable and her looks were not appealing"

Saudi TV anchor claims she was fired for being 'ugly'

A Saudi television news anchor has claimed she was fired for being “ugly”, Arabic website Makkah Online reported.

The woman was fired because she was "not presentable and her looks were not appealing", according to court documents filed in the General Court in Riyadh.

The unidentified woman claimed she was fired by the manager of a satellite channel on her first day.

"I signed a contract and when I arrived in my office to take over my job, I ran into one of the managers who did not hide his surprise over my appointment as a newscaster and program presenter," she reportedly said.

The manager allegedly told her: "Your appearance is not good enough for a TV anchor woman".

He offered her to apply for positions that were not on-screen.

"I will not work as an administrator, a correspondent or do any other job behind the camera," she was quoted as saying.

Her case claims she was illegally sacked because her contract did not include a probationary period, as argued by the manager.

Shanti 4 years ago

It is so pity that these days Looks only Matter but nothing else.. and this applies only to Females. Why this disparity? Why should one always looks good on TV? Is it not what and how is presented is more important than who is presenting?

It has become order of the day, fair skin, off shoulder dress, skimpily clad clothes, high heels and stilettoes, short and colored hair, full make up etc. Further smokers and drinkers are on priority.

This is fashion now......Disgusting world....

Doug 4 years ago

I'm just baffled as to why the woman's appearance is relevant or was even noticed - don't Saudi women have wear a full abaya that covers all but their eyes?


One should go with the Flow.. TV industry.. the most attractive Business Industry.. so act accordingly.. that is the Business. or else people will not watch the Channel.. It does not matter which country the TV Station you work for..

Good luck.. and take care..