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Sat 13 Jun 2009 10:27 AM

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Sheikh Mohammed creates 'Brand Dubai' office

New office to enhance Dubai's image as an Arab city of int'l spirit & sensibility.

Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE, and Ruler of Dubai, established on Friday the Dubai Media Affairs Office 'Brand Dubai' to coordinate Dubai's strategic media affairs regionally and internationally, according to newswire WAM.

Sheikh Mohammed also appointed Mona Ghanem Al Marri as the new entity's Chief Executive Officer.

The new office will work on preserving and enhancing Dubai's image as an Arab city of international spirit and sensibility. The Dubai Media Affairs Office (DMAO) will encourage maximum exposure for Dubai's continuing achievements on economic, cultural and social matters, the newswire reported.

Under the mandate given by Sheikh Mohammed, the new entity will work closely with Dubai government departments and authorities as well as non-government stakeholders. The DMAO will facilitate greater communication coordination among different organisations that are directly or non-directly responsible for Dubai's image.

Among DMAO's other objectives are enhancing the media's accessibility to accurate information on various subjects related to Dubai, and facilitating greater interaction with Dubai government officials

The office will work closely with regional and international media outlets to disseminate Dubai's key messages of sustainable economic growth and social progress, WAM said.

Geriant 10 years ago

Dubai has many happy stories to tell, even now when the place is shrouded in gloom and the international media are in destroy mode. Just tell the truth, don't hide the warts and all will be well. If the spin doctors come on too strong, the world media will react in kind.

Omar 10 years ago

Well done Sheikh Mohammed as usual. It's no coincidence that Dubai is the hub of the entire MEASA region (25% of the world). Dubai is always professional and generates the best under the unique leadership of Sheikh Mohammed. I am fully aware of this initiative led by Dr. Omar Suleiman, governor of DIFC and H.E. Nasser Al Sheikh. They appointed the world's best public affairs agency Finsbury to assist them with this task. Dubai is indeed heading to a sound recovery in the immediate future and all media will dash to Dubai very soon. No wonder why CNN, MBC, Reuters, Bloomberg, Dow Jones, BBC, CNBC, Showtime, ITP, and all other global media choose Dubai as one of their centres. It's obvious from the huge buildings of CNN, BBC, Dow Jones, Reuters, and others situated in DUBAI, UAE. However, i strongly believe that Dubai executives MUST stick to facts instead of any random statement that may deeply harm.

Omar Ibrahim 10 years ago

I was blessed to be the one that has given presentations about Dubai to thousands of ministers, high ranker, VIPS and business men and to MBA's and university students from all over the world about Dubai's history and achievements. I was blessed that I never had to lie. I was blessed that my audience believed me and trusted me. All is because I was a true believer of Dubai and all because I was telling the truth about the greatness of Dubai.

Riyaz Sultan Sajan 10 years ago

I am living and working in Dubai since 1981, its been our home, our country, our brand. Being a brand loyalist, according to my family and me, Dubai is a Diamond Brand to classify. Well done Your Highness, we appreciate and trust your Vision, Judgement and Care that makes Dubai and the whole UAE a real branded country.

Bahraintaxi 10 years ago

I'd hesitate before describing this sort of initiative as "great". Indeed, this reliance on spin and PR could be seen as a sure sign that all is not well. Time was that Dubai could live off the reality it created, and leave the pro-Dubai spin and PR to the blue chip companies that were only too happy to set up there. Now times have changed, and I really don't think PR can help. What instead is needed is a decisive move way from the inherent unsustainability of the "Dubai model" as it developed in the later 2000s. This will involve: * Diversifying the economy away from real estate * Tackling environmental issues head-on * Education and training a new generation of Emiratis so that they are genuinely competitive in the jobsmarket * Radically revising visa and citizenship restrictions

Jon 10 years ago

One would hope that "Brand Dubai" also updates the EK arrival video which is very out of date and no way prepares the unsuspecting tourist for what they get when they walk out of the airport. Sadly, the one comment all my visitors make is that the Dubai marketing machine no way prepares you for the building site that is Dubai, leaving you feeling somewhat conned and never returing. Just be a little bit more up front with yourselves and you'll find the result is far more pleasant than the current backlash against the city...

Pessimistic Chappy 10 years ago

Brand Dubai as you call it is a good idea as long as it is what it says it is, not what you want it to be.... Dubai is an Arabic country allowing expats in to develop the country as you would like to see it, but not making them feel like they belong to Dubai with your rules and conditions you apply to us all. I love living here, but your strangling the very people that help Dubai tick, its people. Get rid of the One rule for Expats, One rule for locals and make this country one that people want to come to live in, not just to make money and go...... Let us make life's for ourselves in your country, we don't want to take it over, just live in it a bit easier.. Make Dubai the place i know it can be... In shallha..