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Tue 23 Nov 2010 04:46 PM

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Shilpa Shetty is Burj Khalifa's new resident

Bollywood actress gets apartment in the world's tallest tower as a gift from her husband

Shilpa Shetty is Burj Khalifa's new resident
SHILPA SHETTY: The Bollywood star is the second famous Shetty to acquire a property in Burj Khalifa (Getty Images)

Indian Bollywood actress and reality TV star Shilpa Shetty is the latest resident to move into the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest tower, it was reported on Tuesday.

Shetty, who rose to international prominence when she won the Celebrity Big Brother reality TV show on British television in 2007, has moved into an apartment on the nineteenth floor of the Dubai skyscraper, gossip websites reported.

The apartment was apparently given to Shetty as a gift by her new husband Raj Kundra, who she married last year. The couple arrived in Dubai on Monday to celebrate their first wedding anniversary and will remain in the emirate until Friday.

“Shilpa was thrilled when Raj gifted her the luxury apartment. It's his wedding anniversary gift to her,” a source told New Delhi Television, adding that the actress had visited the tower a month ago while.

The Bollywood star is the second famous Shetty to acquire a property in the famous tower.

It was reported in January that Indian businessman B R Shetty, who is managing director and CEO of the New Medical Centre group of companies in Abu Dhabi, paid $25m for two floors in the world’s tallest tower.

The healthcare chief told The Economic Times newspaper in India that he owns a “monstrous” amount of floor space in two floors of the world’s tallest tower.

“What better address than ‘B R Shetty, 100, Burj Khalifa, Dubai’,’’ he said.



sonnydubai 9 years ago

Am a bit more concerned about what is happening in Ireland/Korea today - not reading about some pointless D rate celebrity moving house.

Headbanger 9 years ago

So why bother to comment if not concerned?

Talk about hypocrisy!!!!

David 9 years ago

Excellent comment Sonny

sonnydubai 9 years ago

I commented because I thought this was a business website not a celebrity gossip website.....

dubai 9 years ago

Headbanger, He is commenting to try and straighten things out with the editors!!!!! Daaaaaaaaaaa

Tanza 9 years ago

One Shetty deserves another as a neighbour. If these two megalomaniacs had pooled their resources they could immunize 40 million children in India. That would be a better legacy to leave and a great wedding gift.....a Bollywood movie script for sure!

Expat 9 years ago

This being a business paper makes it important for Burj to announce their celebrity clients to attract more such wealthy clients. I think it was little gossip and more business.. lets be fair..

TelcoGuy 9 years ago

You mean advertising sold as news? I wish AB could be more subtle.
Interesting question would be to know if she is a "paying" resident or a "paid" resident.
Besides, my (non-fist-hand) experience is that celebrities make very poor neighbors as they often bring big egos and an even larger sense of entitlement, I am sure other people will disagree though :)

A M R 9 years ago

It could be more appropriate to celebrate on occupation of professionals, entrepreneur etc. on such a historic building, rather than actor or entertainer. In reality actors popularity among the age group of 15 to 35 will cost the harmonized livelihood of remaining residents.

OSAMO 9 years ago

Spicing the journal with some business gossips may not be afterall bad, life needs to be balanced. This is visibility booster and every business needs.