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Sun 26 Jul 2009 05:38 PM

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Spyware Scandal - Have your say

Have you been effected by the BlackBerry spyware scandal? Tell us what you think about it and join the discussion.

Have you been effected by the BlackBerry spyware scandal? Tell us what you think about it and join the discussion.

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Ralf 11 years ago

So many lies, so much incompetence. So much damage done to the reputation of Etisalat, the UAE and their leaders (as government owned entity). Etisalat is very alone and no one believes them, because they are lying so obviously. RIM/Blackberry already gave them quite a lecture with their statement proving to the world that there is no "performance enhancement patch" possible. And still they keep on saying it, as if it will get better to repeat a lie. In my opinion it is a disgrace. Look at the recent Amazon/Kindle scandal and how well Amazon handled it plain admitting their mistake. All the anger turned into loyalty. Jeff Bezos knows how to deal with PEOPLE. Etisalat clearly doesn't. Big E, please admit it, the scandal will grow even bigger the more time passes, avoid any more damage to the UAE and your own company. It was a stupid mistake, just admit, swear it won't happen again and it's ok. Still shaking my head and being angry about how badly this whole situation was handled.

Waiting ...? 11 years ago

There was an interview with an Etisalat VP where it was mentioned that they would explain everything in 24hrs (post-RIM meeting) - what has happened to that statement? Can someone ask? Also - has the regulator (TRA) commented yet? If not, why not? Can someone ask? Seems there's still a great lack of transparency around this one.

omar 11 years ago

As of today my BB still not yet fixed!! So many different answers on how you can fix it but unfortunately all are dead end. At least Etisalat can send SMS to BB users and informed them how and where they can have their BB repaired or fixed, like the way when they keeps informing us about the new "PATCH" two weeks before sending it to the customers!!!!

Chris R 11 years ago

I think the point is being missed by many. As the Blackberry/RIM service is ran on a 3rd Party business server (regardless of Operators Etisalat, Du or other) the risk for SPYING or SNOOPING will ALWAYS be there on a Blackberry device! This is why I use a Microsoft Windows Mobile device from HTC! Totally secure, totally independent! I am so surprised many businesses and professionals take such a risk!

saif 11 years ago

in my opinion, we should be thankfull for such a government as the UAE in doing so. I would trust a government like this to spy on my blackberry actions rather than have it vulnerable and unnotified of "other" hackers. I see its management of the economy in bad times and its security strength and trust its actions, whom I know are always towards the overall best.why should it bother me if its spies on me if im not doing anything wrong? I should be bothered if a corrupt government is, because i wouldnt trust it, but not the UAE's, whom its security measures allow me to live peacefully on its land.

Jack Black 11 years ago

Do I care about my blackberry being spied on? No. I got nothing to hide. Butt man, just be upfront and announce your plans first. Let's say… “Hey, we want to screw you over with this shiny state of the art spyware we got. If you don’t want in, switch to DU…” okay.

HD 11 years ago

I dont think there is any point in being angry about etisalat/gov wanting to spy on blackberry users, considering they probably already spy on us with the internet and any other mobiles we use. But we do have every right to be furious and compensated for the inconvenience they have caused with the stupid patch. Batteries being drained, phones burning out is absolutely unacceptable and so is just an apology/lie that came out weeks later. One would assume some sort of compensation from the carrier is EXPECTED. Otherwise the consumers will always have a bad taste in their mouth and ***if*** things ever change and healthy competition is permitted here and we do have a choice we will find any means possible NOT to give etisalat our money. I dream for that day to come. For I have had a horrible taste in my mouth since long before even this fiasco.

Ace 11 years ago

Everyones talking about compensation. How can everyone let Etisalat get away with such a disaster with no explanation. Can they take people for a fool ? by getting away with such a ridiculous infantile explanation !

K.Alex 10 years ago

I wonder if Q-Tel (Qatar Telecommunication) also does the same to its Blackberry users?? i will not be surprised if they do so... but any Qatar users here have any idea?