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Sat 8 Jun 2019 12:47 PM

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How to suit up in comfort in the Middle East

How to suit up in scorching Middle East temperatures and still feel cool

How to suit up in comfort in the Middle East

Here’s how to suit up in scorching Middle East temperatures and still feel cool, according to the founders of Dubai-based luxury menswear brand Benjamin Siggers, Matthew Benjamin and James Siggers.

Can’t breathe without you

Whether you’re looking to sport a formal suit or more casual attire, opt for breathable and comfortable fabrics such as linen and lightweight cotton. When the temperatures border 50 degrees Celsius, every miniscule difference in fabrics and their weight counts.

Wool you wear it?

A common misconception is that wool is only appropriate for cooler climates, but it’s actually an insulator, therefore naturally keeps you cooler in hot climates, and warmer in cold temperatures. Of course, we wouldn’t advise wearing a 14-ounce fabric, but lighter weight wool (8-9 ounces) can be worn all year round.

A fuse for you

If you’re wearing a suit for work, wedding or gala event, construction is the most essential factor when aiming to keep cool. A fused canvas adds weight to a jacket and doesn’t allow the suit to breathe, trapping in heat so you end up feeling hotter. Our suggestion would be to stick to a floating canvas, a much lighter option that allows the wearer to breathe. Another option is a deconstructed jacket with no lining at all.

Men in white

Choosing the right button up is crucial to staying cool in the heat. Benjamin Siggers’ ‘perfect white shirt’ is made from a blend of organic cotton and a material called Tencel, a sustainable ingredient derived from the pulp of the eucalyptus tree. Known to absorb moisture, it has an added advantage to keeping you cool and comfortable in the blazing heat.

Who wears the pants?

When it comes to trousers, pick something light and breezy. The style of fit you choose will determine the extent to which the heat will affect you. The skinny fit is not a suitable style for hotter climates as it tends to trap air and moisture between you and the material. Adopt a cut that is slim enough to flatter your form, but loose enough to not restrict ventilation.

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