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Thu 1 May 2014 09:38 AM

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Subway bans pork, non-halal meat in UK stores

World’s most famous sandwich shop says it has banned pork in 185 UK stores to appeal to Muslim customers

Subway bans pork, non-halal meat in UK stores

Fast food giant Subway has removed pork products from 185 stores in the UK, where it will also use only halal meat in a bid to appeal to Muslim customers.

Turkey and turkey rashers will be used instead of ham and bacon, it said.

Islam requires Muslims to only eat meat prepared according to halal rules, which means animals have their throats slit before bleeding to death.

In response to animal welfare concerns, Subway said it would source meat from animals that had been stunned first, to reduce suffering.

The company, which has about 1500 stores in the UK, said its decision to ban pork products was a balance between animal welfare concerns and the views of religious communities.

“The growing popularity of the Subway chain with the diverse multicultural population across the UK and Ireland means we have to balance the values of many religious communities with the overall aim of improving the health and welfare standards of animals,” a Subway spokeswoman told the Daily Mail.

“We put a programme into place in 2007 to ensure that the population demographic is taken into account when new store openings are considered in order that we meet consumer demand in each location.”

Halal meat is commonplace in Middle East fast food outlets and is becoming increasingly common in Western countries, particularly in areas with high Muslim populations. Although in many cases stores offer both options.

Halal food is a fast growing industry, with the Islamic population of 1.6 billion increasing at about twice the global rate.

The entire Islamic economy is estimated to be worth $2tr and increasing about 20-25 percent annually.

Dubai announced in January it was planning to launch an international accreditation centre for halal food as part of the emirate's drive to become the world's capital for the Islamic economy.

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2fillsworth 5 years ago

So Subway has decided to try and increase the appeal from Muslim customers, yet taking away the choice of people to eat pork and forcing everyone to eat Halal meat which most people in the UK are against.

Wow i am all for equality but this is taking it a step too far. No more Subway for me.

MOSA 5 years ago

This is amazing. Great move! I don't understand how can anyone eat this animal, so gross and ugly!

Catmandude 5 years ago

On this basis we should all be eating little fluffy kittens.

Non-Muslim 5 years ago

Enforcing halal food and banning pork in an islamic country - people can live with.
Enforcing halal food and banning pork in a christian country - people (except vegetarians and vegans) will certainly take the "foot decision" by walking away from subway.
Having one or two "halal only" outlets in some islamic dominated quarters in cities like Berlin, Brussels, Rotterdam, Malmo and some cities in the UK may be a good decision, but "halal only" throughout - very bad strategic decision! Watch their annual reports!

Zeeshan 5 years ago

"Subway said it would source meat from animals that had been stunned first, to reduce suffering."

According to Muslim slaughtering rules.....Stunning any animal before slaughtering is also considered Haram......they need to check with MWL (RABITAH) and Halal council in UK.

Thoughtful 5 years ago

You don't understand it so you actively support it. Really!!!

Zeeshan 5 years ago

I see many fast food brands switching to Halal. "Muslim Halal" is one of the biggest un-tapped market worldwide.

TO be realistic, Companies are looking at numbers not influenced by Islam or Muslims......

omar is back 5 years ago

Sir, you have to decide. Either UK a true secular free country or it's a Christian medieval place. Also, I wonder why so many countries in Europe have crosses in their flags (national identity)?! It's time to change. I hear a lot about Muslim countries. Religious freedom is almost absolute in the Arab countries except Saudi which is equivalent to the Vatican. Crosses, Churches, Alcohol, Xmas Trees, Eggs, Western clothing, ... are all over so what else you need?!!The whole world is changing so is the UK.

Doug 5 years ago

Omar, it's about choice. Why should non-Muslims be denied the option to select pork in their sandwiches just because a portion of the population cannot eat pork? A true, secular, free country should provide choices for all people, not just one specific group. Some of us non-Muslims have ethical objections to eating halal meat - are our objections not valid because they don't stem from holding a particular religion?

Omnivore 5 years ago

Mosa, you may not want to eat pork on religious grounds, and that is your right. However, any objective observer who has actually been anywhere near livestock will tell you that there is nothing any more "gross" or "ugly" about a pig than any other animal bred for slaughter. As a matter of fact, some of the piglets actually look quite cute.

Let me also help you with your lack of understanding. The reason people eat pork is that in most places it is relatively cheap and (religious considerations aside) is no less healthy than other types of red meat. It also happens to be very tasty - sorry but veal bacon and turkey sausages really are a poor substitute!