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Wed 25 Mar 2015 12:26 PM

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Swerving driver hospitalises 42 Dubai schoolgirls

Driver swerved from fast lane to try and make petrol station on the right hand side

Swerving driver hospitalises 42 Dubai schoolgirls

Over 40 pupils were injured after a swerving motorist on the Dubai to Abu Dhabi road led to an accident between two buses, Dubai Police has said.

The motorist was attempting to get from the far left hand side of the road, across several lanes, and make it into a petrol station on the right side of the motorway in front of two buses. The first bus braked heavily, causing the second bus to crash into the rear of it.

Colonel Omar Al Shamsi, deputy director of the Operations Department in Dubai Police, told 7Days newspaper that the two coaches were carrying 84 female pupils from Dubai Women’s College. As a result of the accident, 42 students received minor injuries.

“The accident happened on Sheikh Zayed Road at 10am near the border with Abu Dhabi,” said Al Shamsi.

“The saloon car tried to catch the petrol station entrance in front of the buses, which were on the right lane. The first bus driver put on the brake to avoid a crash and the second driver crashed into the first from behind.”

Al Shamsi said both buses were observing the speed limit at the time of the accident.

A total of 34 students were transferred to Rashid Hospital, while another eight went to Al Baraha Hospital.

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Mick 5 years ago

This must stop. Radars may inhibit speeding but where are the radars to stop drivers from sliding across multiple lanes and this laziness and ignorance of NOT USING INDICATORS!? They require almost zero effort to signal other cars that you're changing lanes but most motorists refuse to use them. Is it a sign of manhood or ignorance to slide across lanes without signaling?! We have come so far in the last decade with banking laws, immigration laws, trade laws, emiratisation, entrepreneurship, labour laws etc but we have done little for the roads that are the biggest threats of life in the emirates. Why? I'm 7 years on UAE roads from daily drives to AUH from Dxb for years as well as my regular daily commute around all parts of Dubai and still can't understand the ignorance behind three things on these roads a) no use of indicators b) squeezing people out of a lane change and c) the self importance of driving up a shoulder to jump queue. Even speeding, to me, is a distant 4th


This is very Bad.. The School Buses should start little early or should be allowed to reach the School late also.. The importance should be given to the Safety Driving for the Safety of School Children.

Even if the Bus reaches the School little late it should be considered. Because to reach in time every body over takes and drive at high speed to cover up the time.

Finally if they meet such accident..!!! who can avoid such accident.. who can help the children to restore to their original health..

Their Speed Limit for ALL SCHOOL BUSES should be restricted. by RTA.. to the safety level.. Reaching in time should be followed by starting early not by Racing the Vehicle..
Every body's co-operation is required on this.. then only this can be successfully implemented.. Our Prayers.. to all who has injured and their fast recovery.. Regards and GOD BLESS ALL SCHOOL TRANSPORTATION SYSTEM WITH FULL PROTECTION..


Hank 4 years ago

My Suggestion is that if police accepts camera footage as aevidence to fight aganist swerving drivers, people place cam footage on their cars.
whenever they face a situation dangerous caused by another car such as racing, swerving or aggressive driving, they can send the footage to the police. The police should gift every accepted camera footage by giving money. And the dangerous drivers can be penalised. So everybody can earn. Easy.

Telcoguy 4 years ago

Taking pictures or recording on the street is not allowed in the UAE. Do i need to remind you what triggered this?