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Tue 23 Jul 2019 02:17 PM

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Powering new business computing experiences

Brand View: Taha M. Khalifa, Client Computing Group Sales Director, EMEA Territory, Intel Corporation, on how workers can conquer the demanding workloads of today and tomorrow.

Powering new business computing experiences
Taha M. Khalifa, Client Computing Group Sales Director, EMEA Territory, Intel Corporation.

The Intel vPro platform was developed as a comprehensive business platform delivering data-driven performance, hardened security features, flexible management, and a consistent computing infrastructure to help businesses stay ahead of what’s next.

Intel commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact (TEI) study and examine the enterprises’ potential return on investment (ROI). The purpose of this study is to provide a framework to evaluate the potential financial impact of new hardware powered by the Intel vPro platform on their organizations. 

To better understand the potential benefits, costs, and risks associated with this investment, Forrester surveyed more than 250 people at medium sized organizations worldwide (in the range of about 100 to 1,000 employees) and interviewed individuals at three organizations to validate survey results and provide more narrative details.

Survey Results:

I. Quantified Benefits

Reduced security issues: saving of 7,680 security-support hours annually with reduced support and management work. Organizations deployed the Intel vPro platform with built-in features like hardware-enhanced security and stable image management, plus Intel Active Management Technology (Intel AMT) to deliver robust security with remote management. As a result, both minor and major security and management issues were reduced due to improvements enabled by the Intel vPro platform and Windows 10 Professional. Everyday issues such as resolving a password request and business-critical issues such as a major security attack were all reduced, saving significant IT support and management time. Over three years, reduced security support and management costs are worth nearly $1.2 million to the composite organization.

Improved employee efficiency: saving of estimated 28,160 hours with better device security and management. The Intel vPro platform better maintains computer stability, supports intensive computing processes, and helps ensure that peripherals work. With the Intel vPro platform and Windows 10 Professional, employees spend less time waiting for updates to install and dealing with issues. Employee efficiency adds up to nearly $1.3 million over three years for the organization.

Improved computer and data security: In addition to security remediation time savings, the Intel vPro platform helps keep company data safe and reduces the risk of a data breach with hardware-enhanced security and manageability features. A single data breach could cost millions in lost revenue, damaged reputation, customer remediation, regulatory fees or fines, and other direct and indirect costs to the business. The composite organization’s avoided costs as a result of improved desktop data security are estimated to be more than $211,000 over three years.

Faster and more timely IT patch installations: In addition to reduced support and management time responding to issues and questions, the Intel vPro platform, including automated remote management with Intel Active Management Technology (Intel AMT), delivers more convenient and effective ongoing patch management. IT managers and desktop operations specialists at the composite organization save a total of 832 hours deploying patches and handing in-person exceptions, adding up to more than $81,000 over three years.

II. Unquantified benefits.

Reduction or avoidance of other technologies or solutions: Some interviewed and surveyed organizations highlighted reduced purchase and license costs, such as retiring a more expensive hardware encryption solution, consolidating imaging solutions, and eliminating extra management tools, by standardizing on the Intel vPro platform.

Benefits enabled by other Intel hardware: Interviewed and surveyed organizations mentioned other hardware, software, and services that maximize the value of the Intel vPro platform and Windows 10.

III. Costs.

Ongoing management and services costs. The composite organization budgets some new ongoing management tasks each year directly associated with Intel Core vPro processor-based computers, at an estimated three-year total cost of more than $470,000.

Investment in some new laptops and desktops with the Intel vPro platform. Organizations average about a 3.5-year refresh cycle, and many had already purchased computers on the Intel Core vPro processors and Windows 10 Professional standard. However, some organizations’ computers had not been updated in time for the start of their companywide strategy to manage computers with Intel vPro platform tools. The composite organization needed to purchase an estimated 30 percent of computers to ensure full implementation across the organization; these incremental costs are included as part of the Intel vPro platform investment. This adds up to more than $354,000 in incremental device costs during the implementation period.

The Intel vPro platform and Windows 10 Professional migration and implementation costs. Five employees at the composite organization focused most of their time over a four-month implementation period to manage the continued implementation and deployment of Intel Core vPro processor-based computers, including: configuring the operating system, updating processes to leverage new technologies such as remote management, set up user policies, test applications and processes, and undergo training.

Also, some additional software, hardware, and third-party services were included. Implementation costs total $265,000. Forrester’s financial analysis found that a composite organization experienced benefits of $2.8 million over three years versus costs of $1.1 million, adding up to a net present value (NPV) of $1.7 million, a payback of nine months, and an ROI of 155 percent.

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