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Thu 3 Oct 2019 03:54 PM

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Delivering consistently good CX across touchpoints

Brand View: Zoho One operating system for business has a deep integration with the contact center across its 45+ apps.

Delivering consistently good CX across touchpoints
Zoho One apps can now provide contextual caller information thanks to a deep platform-level integration with contact center through PhoneBridge.

Omni-channel Customer Experience Management (CXM) programs are integral to doing business these days.

There are many objectives that a CXM executive's strategy has to address:

▪     Improve customer satisfaction

▪     Retain customers

▪     Increase brand awareness

▪     Build brand loyalty and convert customers into advocates

▪     Improve efficiency in customer-company communications

One of the key initiatives a CXM executive can take to achieve these goals is to integrate their contact center across the entire software spectrum. This will not only improve the efficiency of the company's representatives, but there is also the possibility of achieving the ultimate effect: growing the customer's lifetime value to the organization.

Integrating the customer center with a CRM, for example, has multiple benefits:

▪     It enables the representatives to access the organization's CRM any time

▪     It automates tracking and saves time and money that might arise from simply forgetting to record calls

▪     Improves analytics as more data is captured

▪     Dramatically improves quality of interactions, as customer records can be quickly accessed

There are similar gains from a tightly-integrated contact center for the support desk, too:

▪     Ability to create reminder calls for missed calls

▪     Reduction in "call barging" by supervisors as agents are more effective

▪     Availability of contextual information—such as pending tickets—that can make agents respond more appropriately with customers

Even the HR department can gain from a deeply linked customer center. Every call from a candidate can be contextually routed to the executive who is handling the recruitment for the stated vacancy.

That's why, with the Zoho One operating system for business, we created a deep integration with the contact center across our 45+ apps. To make it easy for organizations to integrate the contact center with their preferred telephone service provider, our PhoneBridge team has already created integrations with over 75 cloud PBX and internet telephony service providers from across the globe. All the admins have to do is plug and play.

The telephony integrator PhoneBridge works across apps and provides contextual information that can help executives immensely. It also helps representatives undertake contextual actions while on call, saving time and improving efficiency.

Karthik Subramanian is a journalist turned content marketer with Zoho Corporation. He bring nearly two decades of journalistic experience and story telling skills to Zoho One, the operating system for business. He creates user educational content and profiles customers of Zoho One who have used the all-in-one suite to maximize on their productivity.

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