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Fri 9 Jun 2017 12:46 AM

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Tested: Touareg's last great swan song

Why the VW Touareg V6 Sport is everything you want in the last of a generation

Tested: Touareg's last great swan song

There are cars that never grow old. Instead, they may need refinements and face lifts as well as new engines or entertainments features to please the never-satisfied clientele. The current Touareg model has been around since 2010, and an updated version made an appearance with some small technical enhancements in 2015. The new 2018 model will be presented at the Frankfurt Motorshow in September.

So why are we testing a car that is at the end of its days? Occasionally, there are products that are destined and engineered to please those drivers who count on reliability and who base their preference on life span and practicality. This 2017 Touareg V6 Sport is the swan song of a model that has been one of the most intelligent and capable SUVs of its kind.

It’s not very powerful (at least with the tested V6) and it is very heavy. Its entertainment system is outdated, the reach of the cruise control command is a bit distracting in comparison to the current trend, but this Touareg still makes a lot of sense. The lack of power in comparison to some competitors makes the car smoother, stress-free and amicable. The engine purrs quietly, and it’s a great car that -- when in good hands-- is supposed to last a lifetime. It’s heavy because it’s very strong. The materials used, including the safety equipment are of the highest quality, and the philosophy of this VW is to be a daily companion with uncommon off-road capabilities.

The interior is as comfortable as you can get, with great visibility that helps create confidence. There is room for five passengers as well as a lot of space in the trunk that makes this vehicle the perfect travelling companion. The commands are typical Volkswagen; everything is in its proper place, easily reachable, and the style is simple and practical. These are qualities that never grow old, like a simple meal with all the right ingredients.

I tested it on hard sand, desert tracks, and I was impressed by how controlled and predictable it behaves. Its suspensions are solid and absorb pretty much all obstacles, everything happens effortlessly and it made me feel protected. It felt like I was driving a mature desert cruiser. At times I wish I had more power, but I am pretty sure that in more capable hands than mine, this Touareg could do marvels off-road. I assume that the available turbodiesel model would be even better because of the superior torque at lower revolutions and possibly even better at fuel consumption.

As I get older, I have begun to appreciate things that make sense instead of just loud and technologically advanced machines. I would drive this nearly 2,400kg SUV to work every day, and I would also take it with me on holidays to explore places I could not reach with most cars. I cannot wait for the new 2018 model because I hope the Germans will maintain this same wise, practical and invincible approach.

Tech specs

VW Touareg V6 Sport

Engine Layout: V6

Displacement: 3,600cc

Output: 280bhp

Max Speed: 210km/h

Acceleration: 0 to 100km/h in 7.8 seconds

Starting Price: AED177,790 ($48,404).

The test model was AED245,500 ($66,839)

Rating: 8.5/10

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