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Wed 29 Jul 2009 02:00 PM

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Text adverts least trusted by UAE consumers

Survey shows 70% of people in the emirates do not trust ads texted to their phones at all.

Text adverts on mobile phones are the least trusted type of advertising by people in the UAE, according to an online survey of consumers.

Seventy percent of UAE respondents who took part in the Nielsen Global Online consumer survey said they did not trust adverts or promotions texted to their mobile phones much, if at all.

Adverts from search engines and online banner adverts also fared badly, with 61 percent and 65 percent respectively, saying they did not trust the content.

Globally the most trusted form of advertising was word of mouth or consumer opinions posted on websites, which was also true of the UAE. Ninety five percent of respondents in the emirates said this was the case.

Editorial content came in second place, with 84 percent of UAE respondents trusting it completely or somewhat, the survey said. This was followed by newspaper adverts, rusted by 78 percent of people, and brand websites trusted by 72 percent.

Jonathan Carson, president of online, for Nielsen, said: "Despite the authority of word of mouth when it comes to consumer decision-making, advertisers still have a major say in the process.”

The survey asked more than 25,000 internet consumers in 50 different countries across Europe, Asia Pacific, North & Latin America and the Middle East.

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Jon 11 years ago

Does anyone actually know how to stop these messages being sent to cell phones? I personally don't give a hoot if Debenhams or River Island have 75% off today!!

Sandy 11 years ago

I agree Jon. In civilized countries you can report companies that send SPAM emails to you without the option to unsubscribe. Why is it not possible to do this to companies who flood you with unsolicited advertising via SMS?! It's an annoying intrusion and there should be a way to stop these idiots' unwanted texts...

Joe Bazooka 11 years ago

Concerns expressed by Jon & Sandy - very true these SMS Messages are a nuisance. One way to stop these - USE A SIMPLE PHONE which can only receive phone calls. All these super HI FI phones are nothing but gagets which a lot of present generation people buy to show their STATUS only. Most of these people do not even know how to use allthe features etc other than DISPLAY their new toy. So the answer is - Go back to BASICS.

ssatay 11 years ago

The worst spammer in the country would have to be Etisalat. I average one inane message a day ranging from promotions to telling me my bill has been posted. If I wanted to know this, then they would find a way to provide this at an additional charge, then I could at least opt out. Etisalat: spying and spamming do not go together.Just send useful messages.

Ahmed Erlaff 11 years ago

I also had problems with modern technology, and just like Joe I have Devolved into living the Good Life. Joe and I have escaped high rents by living in in Hatta caves, and avoid expensive Salik charges by commuting to Dubai each morning on donkeys. Spam emails are a thing of the past for us as we now communicate with family and clients via smoke signals. We even avoid exchange rate fluctions trying to bartering our company's good and services with random people in the street. If anyone has any other devolution suggestions, Joe and I would be happy to report back how effective they are.

Wiley Dozis 11 years ago

How many people have filled out a competition card or raffle draw and given their mobile numbers? And you wonder where these marketers get your numbers from! I always right down a landline with voicemail instead of a mobile - they can spam that as much as they want.

Doug 11 years ago

Hi Joe - what kind of 'simple phone' do you mean? I'm using a Philips Savvy from 1998 (google image search it!) and it still receives text messages - and you can't really get more basic a mobile phone. Because the most basic GSM specification requires a phone to be able to receive SMS, which is nothing to do with a 'super hi fi' phone. Maybe I should bin my mobile and just stick with my landline then?