The 100 Most Powerful Arab Women 2015
Thu 26 Feb 2015 12:00 PM
Hanan Al Kuwari

Hanan Al Kuwari

Industry: Healthcare

Company: Hamad Medical Corporation

Designation: Managing director

Country: Qatar

As the head of Qatar’s largest public healthcare provider, Hanan Al Kuwari has one of the most important jobs for maintaining and improving the wellbeing of the country’s residents.

The managing director of Hamad Medical Corporation, Al Kuwari manages eight specialised hospitals around Qatar, as well as running the national ambulance service and home healthcare services.

In February HMC opened its latest facility – the Enaya Specialised Care Centre, which will provide medical attention to long-term patients, and there are plans to add to the number of hospitals under HMC’s umbrella.

As well as her work with HMC, Al Kuwari is also a member of the Supreme Council for Family Affairs, and the chairperson of the Qatar Biobank Board.

In a recent interview with Arabian Business, she explained her basic philosophy which has helped her to succeed: “I’m an optimist, I always believe we can achieve whatever we put our minds to.”