The 100 Most Powerful Arab Women 2015
Thu 26 Feb 2015 12:00 PM
Mishaal Ashemimry

Mishaal Ashemimry

Industry: Aerospace engineering

Company: MISHAAL Aerospace

Designation: Founder

Country: US (Saudi Arabia)

Having developed a fascination with the stars aged just six years old, it should come as no surprise that Mishaal Ashemimry now builds rockets for a living.


The US-based aerospace engineer, whose masters degree research was funded by NASA, has held true to her young passion for space, founding MISHAAL Aerospace in 2010 and specialising in launch vehicle development to send  small satellites to Low Earth Orbit. Clients to date have included governments, research companies, commercial companies, and telecommunication players. Based in Miami, Ashemimry holds Bachelor of Science degrees in Aerospace Engineering, and in Applied Mathematics, as well as a Masters of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering, with academic focus on experimental and analytical aerodynamics, rocket design, and nuclear thermal propulsion.