The top 10 Middle East hotels that never were
Tue 11 Sep 2012 01:23 PM
Trump International Hotel & Tower, Dubai

Trump International Hotel & Tower, Dubai

Trump International Hotel & Tower was a proposed 62-storey mixed use tower and hotel at the trunk of the Palm Jumeirah in Dubai. It was a joint venture between the Trump Organization and Dubai-based Nakheel, announced on October 5, 2005.

The hotel was expected to boast 300 rooms and several star studded gala events in Los Angeles and New York in 2008 helped build the hype around the towers.

At one point the project’s penthouse became the most expensive property in Dubai with one buyer offering AED11,100 ($3,022) a sq ft, - almost AED110m for the whole unit.

But the project fell afoul of the global credit crunch in 2008 and rumours soon circulated that the project was unlikely to open its doors.

It was officially cancelled by Nakheel in February 2011, with reports the site will be converted into a shopping mall for Palm Jumeirah Island. The original design featured a circular tower surrounded by four golden petals attached to the sides.