The World Richest Arabs 2014
Thu 04 Dec 2014 12:28 PM
Mohamed Bin Issa Al Jaber

Mohamed Bin Issa Al Jaber

Industry: Diversified

Country: UK (Saudi Arabia)

Wealth: 9.2 Billion

Prominent Arab philanthropist and businessman Mohamed Bin Issa Al Jaber has spent the last 34 years building the MBI International Holding Group Inc into an established collection of major international companies. Following a steady stream of investments into existing businesses during 2012, the group saw 2013 as the perfect time to invest in a series of  new acquisitions and expand its activities.

For the last two decades, Mohamed Al Jaber has been an active philanthropist, funding scholarship programmes at some of the world’s finest educational institutions through his own MBI Al Jaber Foundation. Some of the projects run and supported by the Foundation are: the launch of the MBI Media Institute in Yemen; Human Rights Watch in the Arab World; and the provision of the MBI Al Jaber Building at SOAS for the London Middle East Institute.