The World Richest Arabs 2014
Thu 04 Dec 2014 12:28 PM
Abdullah Al Rushaid

Abdullah Al Rushaid

Industry: Energy

Country: Saudi Arabia

Wealth: 5.1 Billion

Founded in 1978, Al Rushaid's firm deals in  a range of sectors from real estate and construction, to internet technology and oil and gas. Its biggest projects are in the fields of petrochemical, pharmaceutical, chemical processing and power-generating industries, and among its long list of partners are international firms such as Foster Wheeler, Baker Hughes, Dresser Industries, Weatherford, Cleveland Bridge and Intercontinental Hotels and Resorts. Partnering with global firms has been vital in securing new concepts for the firm. An example is Arabian Rockbits — the region’s largest manufacturer of rockbits — which was born out of an Al Rushaid partnership with Halliburton subsidiary Security DBS.