The World’s 100 Most Powerful Arab Women
Mon 03 Mar 2014 03:25 AM
Maryam Matar

Maryam Matar

Industry: Science

Company: UAE Genetic Diseases Association

Designation: Founder

Country: UAE

Earlier this year, Dr Maryam Matar was named as one of the 20 most influential Muslim women in science. And no wonder; her list of accolades is growing longer by the day. Matar has spent most of her career combating genetic diseases — a problem that is taking a considerable toll on the local population. After working in several public health positions, Matar launched a series of outreach initiatives, including ‘UAE Free of Thalassemia 2012’. She has also launched the UAE Down’s Syndrome Association in 2005 and the UAE Genetic Diseases Association in 2006.