The world’s richest Arabs
Sun 15 Dec 2013 04:47 AM
The Mansour Family

The Mansour Family

Country: Egypt

Wealth: 5.1 Billion

The company’s operations span internationally across several major industrial sectors and can be summarised into five main business divisions: automotive, capital markets, consumer and retail, industrial equipment, and services.

The Mansour success story unfolded over three gradual phases: establishment and integration into the market; attracting international brands to build successful partnerships with while introducing its own brands to Egypt; and having its eye firmly on the future — fast tracking the group to further success with its strong balance sheets and structured investment strategy.

It all began with one man; founder Loutfy Mansour who established the company. Starting out in the cotton industry in the late 1940s, Mansour had a sharp business acumen that laid the strong foundation on which his sons have lead the company to even further heights of success.

The Mansours capitalised on this advantage and established companies such as Mansour Automotive Company (MAC) and Mantrac, attracting large international dealerships and making a name for Mansour in both Egypt and abroad. Nearly 70 years after their father’s first steps into the business world, three brothers — Youssef Mansour, Mohamed Mansour, and Yasseen Mansour; Mansour’s second-generation entrepreneurs — have led the company to consolidated revenues of over $4bn and a workforce of 38,000 employees.