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Mon 7 Apr 2014 02:23 PM

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Three UAE women attacked with hammer at London hotel

Reportedly suffered serious head injuries during shopping trip to English capital city

Three UAE women attacked with hammer at London hotel
The attack took place at a hotel close to Londons Oxford Street. (Getty Images - for illustrative purposes only)

Three female tourists from the UAE have reportedly suffered serious injuries in a hammer attack at a London hotel, close to the capital city's busiest shopping venues.

The tourists suffered serious head injuries with one of them said to be fighting for her life after the assault in a room at the four-star Cumberland Hotel in the early hours of Sunday morning, the Daily Mail reported.

The report described the victims as wealthy tourists on a shopping trip from the Middle East, adding that they were taken to hospital with severe head injuries.

The women, who are reportedly in their thirties, had travelled to London for a shopping spree from their home in the UAE, the paper said.

The UAE's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Monday it is closely following the case and has warned citizens about gangs who target tourists and their belongings.

Rashid Al Dhahiri, director of Citizens Affairs at the MoFA, said that the competent authorities at the MoFA were following up the incident in conjunction with the UAE Embassy in London to establish causes of the attack. He added the authorities are also following up the health conditions of three sisters in hospital.

The report added that police believe that a single male suspect entered a guest bedroom on the seventh floor of the building, where three women and three children were sleeping in adjoining rooms.

It is understood that the suspect was disturbed when some of the occupants of the room woke up, and the three women were subsequently assaulted with a hammer which was later found at the scene.

Scotland Yard has launched a nationwide manhunt to trace the attacker, who was not a guest at the hotel.

Detectives have retrieved CCTV footage and are questioning staff and other guests.

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Mark X 5 years ago

If an intruder can get into a Four Star Hotel without detection, it does not say much about the Security System of the 4 Star hotel.

EU Muslim 5 years ago

Its not a secret that Muslim women are attacked on daily bases in whole EUROPEAN UNION. And no body doas anything about it.

I hope the UAE will do something about it now.

If this was happend to English girls in some Muslim country it would be desribed as an terrorist attack in whole European news papers.

Female Westerner in UAE 5 years ago

EU Muslim it is also no secret that western women are regularly attacked and raped in the UAE. I was attacked sitting in the park in Abu Dhabi reading my book. In the UK the police will help and get justice but here if they go to the police they are often incarcerated them selves. As you are in Holland you obviously have no clue what the reality is.

The Realist 5 years ago

There is no indication that this had anything to do with faith. By all accounts it was an opportunist's attempt to steal, that went wrong. Not helped by the fact that the door was left unlocked, which is not a sensible thing to do in any City in the world.

tfg 5 years ago

Change the title to three "EU women attacked in Dubai hotel" and you would get 100+ hypercrtical and rude comments from the Euro trash on this board.

I've been to that "exclusive" area once, and also stayed in Cumberland.

Never again!

Was not too impressed with beggars and con artists and drug dealers and street prostitutes who frequent that area.

From arrival to departure, the UK is my least favorite destination in the 20+ countries I've been too.

Sane Voice 5 years ago

What has their religion got to do with this? Not condoning the attack but it could have happened to any nationality or religion.

The UK police are more than capable of dealing with such an event.

Re your last point, what about the English girl that was attacked and murdered in Qatar last year for which the murderer was recently jailed - was this portrayed as a terrorist attack? - no.

reality check needed

abusidra 5 years ago

was there no male accompanying them? Carelessness invites callousness and crimes.

Berk 5 years ago

totally agree with the EU Muslim. Europeans would call this as a terrorist attack if it would happen in a muslim country...

Colin Occupants 5 years ago

And how do you know the nationality/ethnicity of the attacker? A large proportion of crime committed in the EUROPEAN UNION is committed by non-Europeans.

Doug 5 years ago

No it wouldn't it would be described as race related aggravated assault.

It'd be interesting to find out the identity of an attacker. Could it be an attempted 'honour' killing by someone from the Middle East? Or could it be as simple as a criminal gang (possibly from Eastern Europe?) looking to make a quick robbery?

Either way, you can be sure that the suspects will receive a fair trial on the basis of their crime (not their nationality) and will be punished in accordance with the law. And I wish a swift recovery for the victims of this appalling crime.