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Thu 18 Sep 2008 06:24 AM

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Tiger sharks turn nasty in Dubai Mall aquarium

Mall bosses confirm minor injuries to divers and other fish killed at new attraction.

Sand Tiger sharks have killed at least 40 smaller reef sharks and been aggressive towards divers at The Dubai Mall Aquarium, it was claimed on Thursday.

Divers carrying out tasks in the tank, without a cage, have had their equipment damaged and experienced minor injuries due to the behaviour of the sharks, according to UAE daily Khaleej Times.

Yousif Al Ali, general manager of The Dubai Mall, told the paper there had been some incidents at its showpiece aquarium which features 33,000 marine animals and is due to open as part of the grand opening of the mall on October 30.

"During the stages of setting up the aquarium, two cases of minor injuries were reported and were immediately attended to by the on-site medical team," Ali said.

He would not confirm the extent to which aquatic species had been affected by the sharks’ aggression but added: "It is inevitable that aquatic species die — sometimes out of natural causes or out of injuries inflicted by bigger fish species."

Sand Tiger sharks, by nature, are fish-eating. However, all sharks and other animals in the Dubai Aquarium & Discovery Centre at The Dubai Mall are currently on a monitored feeding schedule in order to subdue their naturally opportunistic behaviour and appetite.

The Dubai Aquarium and Discovery Centre features the world’s largest viewing panel and a 270-degree walkthrough tunnel. The centre will feature the world’s single largest school of sharks.

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GB 11 years ago

These beautiful creatures should be out in the open sea, and not in tank in a shopping mall. How do you think you can subdue an appetite that is supposed to be instinctive.

Hussein Ali 11 years ago

Tiger sharks by nature are carniverous and are wild. It's going to be very hard for them to tame them especially if not trained from birth. Natural Animalistic behaviours in animals is natural, and sometimes can not be changed.

Anne Elizabeth 11 years ago

Marine animals like sharks are intended in the open sea only. They will never survive in captivity like putting them on tanks while people enjoy watching them. Tank is not the place for the sharks!!!!!!!!! I already forseen this will happen as scientifically sharks environment will change and this will react to the sharks emotionally!! Sharks are also like us humans...they have feelings as well!!!!

No way 11 years ago

i think it's a risk to put this kind of creatures in front of ppl to enjoy lookin at it. i think we're human.

rima z 11 years ago

Did you guys at Dubai Mall consult with God before deciding to fool around with the food chain just so your mall can look pretty???

rima z 11 years ago

Did you guys at Dubai Mall consult with GOD before deciding to screw around with the food chain just so your mall can look pretty???

rene 11 years ago

Would you expect a predator to eat on a feeding program. It's a hunter and will hunt !!! For the next mall consider a display with foxes, wolves, chicken and ducks. Put the foxes and wolves on a feeding program and expect them not to hunt down chickens ??? You can't buy nature !!

Sean 11 years ago

Sharks are successfully held in 1000's of aquariums around the world without incident. These are minor problems that will be overcome. It sounds like an awesome facility, and I am looking forward to it opening. Marine Biologists... I think not!

Graham Plater 11 years ago

Well, the justifiably carnivorous tiger sharks seem to have sparked some public interest - how odd that they should insist upon behaving in such a primitive fashion, have they learned nothing about good manners over the past few million years? But let's spare a thought for the equally maladjusted whale shark which was recently "rescued" off Jebel Ali only to land in a hotel's artificial lagoon. I very much doubt that it will ever "recover" enough to be set free again, another Dubai attraction for the “best/biggest/tallest...” list. What a shame (and something to be ashamed of). These creatures are not on the planet for our entertainment, and deserve respect. But in a place obsessed with vulgar show effects we might yet see the very last white tiger, stuffed and frozen in its last attack leap, forever gracing the slopes of Ski Dubai...

Joe Simm 11 years ago

Dredging up the beautiful waters off of Dubai to build an island and now scooping the innocent animals out of the water. No respect for nature. Oh look, an indoor ski resort. Dubai puts the 'mental' in environmental