Training in the morning vs the evening

Is one better than the other, or is this a myth? How does this affect those who work a 9-5 job?
Training in the morning vs the evening
By Guillaume Mariole
Wed 25 Feb 2015 05:34 PM

When is the right time to train, morning or evening? Is one better than the other, or is this a myth? How does this affect those who work a 9-5 job?

You would be happy to know there are benefits to both!

Morning training: In the morning you are jump-starting your metabolism and releasing those feel-good-hormones called endorphins to get you through the day. It can help to improve your nutrition. Having a small snack 30 minutes before training, for example an apple, as this will help with the energy required for training and avoid your body going into a catabolic state (your body will burn muscle for energy).

Keeping motivated to get out of bed at this time is always a challenge. Ensure you keep your training fresh, so make sure you spice it up! Functional training is what everyone is turning to one again. Jumping, squatting, dropping, running, pushing, lifting keep it fun whatever it is. The strength, endurance, stability, flexibility, coordination and speed exercises with satisfy the widest range of your needs, abilities, and aspirations. Join a group exercise class to experience this type of challenge. Ignite Military Bootcamp courses or group exercises classes are the perfect partners to assist you in achieving your personal goals whilst keeping training fresh and results orientated.

Evening training: In the evening you get to release tension after a stressful day and then afterwards relax on the sofa - your job is done once the training is over. It's less rushed, you can plan a little better as you don't have the commitment of being at work at a certain time. A study published by Sports Medicine suggests that as body temperature peaks in the evening and late afternoon, so your muscles will be warm and ready to go, which is why this may be the best time for building more muscle and good for high intensity and power based exercise, such as weight training, and high intensity aerobic training.

So what’s the best time? Taking all this into consideration there are benefits to both morning and evening training, your task is to make the time to remain physically active. We often complain we are time poor, yet the simple fact is exercising gives you more time, you feel less lethargic and the endorphins give you a kick. Therefore, invest in time to get more time.

Whether you choose training in the morning or in the evening - it’s all about a lifestyle!

* Guillaume Mariole is the Managing Director of Ignite fitness & wellness.

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