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Thu 7 Aug 2008 06:42 AM

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Transport chiefs log on to Facebook

Roads and Transport Authority target social networking sites to improve conversation with public.

Transport chiefs in Dubai have logged on to social networking sites such as YouTube and Facebook in a bid to interact better with the public.

The Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) have launched special channels through the popular websites to reach to wider segments of the UAE community targeted by services, educational campaigns and several other issues.

Mr. Beyman Younes, director of Marketing & Corporate Communication Department at RTA, said: "Providing YouTube and Facebook services are a part of wide-ranging campaigns and initiatives currently launched by the RTA with a view to establish constructive interactive links with the public."

He added that the social networking sites were chosen because they were accessed by the 20-35 age groups which account for around 50 percent of UAE population.

He said using YouTube and Facebook could redefine the way in which the RTA communicates with the public.

Rainigade 11 years ago

One way of getting to know what some of the public thinks, my dear Mr. Younes, is to simply read their comments on Arabian It will do the RTA a world of good and, if we're lucky, open their eyes!

Paul 11 years ago

Here’s how this will pan out. RTA goes on Youtube and Facebook. Users of these services in the UAE will put forward their thoughts in the comments section. No doubt they’ll be just as forthright as they are on The boss of RTA will read the comments and have his worldview that RTA are good at their job hopelessly shattered. Rather than addressing the manifold incompetencies, RTA will then shut down their Facebook and Youtube presence, citing ‘disruptive, rude troublemakers’ who’ve spoiled it for everyone, failing to even acknowledge that some complaints might actually be valid. And then the TRA will ban Facebook and Youtube.

Malek 11 years ago

After reviewing the previous comments posted by my fellow residents, i totally agree with what they say BUT i also agree on waiting to see what is the outcome of all of this. I really want to know if for once people with valid complaints can be helped and where no one starts blaming the other for his inefficiency. I have seen police draw up their fine note books and write down plate numbers for very stupid reasons when others that are riding the roads like they are on a Batman rage go on with no retribution.