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Tue 16 Jul 2019 04:42 PM

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Nissan X-TRAIL now available with a range of upgrades

Brand View: Nissan X-TRAIL has always been known for its sculpted and muscular styling, with chiselled lines, high wheel arches and elegant curves on the bonnet

Nissan X-TRAIL now available with a range of upgrades
When it comes to the exterior of the new X-TRAIL, at its heart is Nissan’s latest ‘V-motion’ grille, wider than before for a more impactful appearance on the road and echoed in the design of the bumper beneath.

The Nissan X-TRAIL, the world’s best-selling SUV is now available with a range of upgrades, which further enhance its quality and refinement.

The changes include a distinctive and robust redesign of the exterior, a higher-quality interior with new features, additional practicality for owners and innovative technologies to make life on the road more enjoyable and safer.

Nissan X-TRAIL has always been known for its sculpted and muscular styling, with chiselled lines, high wheel arches and elegant curves on the bonnet. All of those characteristics remain, and are now showcased through a distinctive and robust redesign of the front end, adding a new dynamism and more premium styling cues.

When it comes to the exterior of the new X-TRAIL, at its heart is Nissan’s latest ‘V-motion’ grille, wider than before for a more impactful appearance on the road and echoed in the design of the bumper beneath. The redesign makes much greater use of the X-TRAIL’s body colour, with the visible black plastic benefiting from a smart new gloss black finish.

At the rear of the new Nissan X-TRAIL, the bumper has been redesigned to give it a more robust look with new chrome detailing. The rear lamp signature has been upgraded to become full LED.

The biggest change to the profile of the new Nissan X-TRAIL is the addition of a chrome side moulding across the base of the two doors, which creates a more dynamic appearance.

The full LED lamps on the new Nissan X-TRAIL has greater illumination for better visibility, enhancing road safety. On high beam, the beam pattern is now wider than before, also improving visibility. The front fog lamps have evolved and are cleverly integrated into the new front bumper, they have changed from a round shape to a rectangular one.

The rim’s width has been widened – from 34mm to 37.5mm – to provide a more comfortable and safer grip. A new premium style comes from the satin silver detailing on the central spoke which echoes the shape of the car’s iconic ‘V-motion’ front grille.

Six of the existing exterior colours have been carried over, with five vibrant new additional shades added – Orange, Palatial Ruby, Gold Beige, Blue Pearl and Dark Brown.

The new Nissan X-TRAIL is a spacious five or seven-seat crossover aimed at adventure-loving families. As with all Nissan vehicles, every upgrade – no matter how large or small – has been undertaken with the customer in mind.

The Nissan X-TRAIL 2019 delivers best-in-class front head room and the supreme comfort of fatigue-reducing Zero Gravity front seats. There’s a 2nd row that slides and reclines, providing Easy Flex Seating, so you can adjust for maximum leg room, more cargo space, or anywhere in between. And with available tasteful touches like Power Panoramic Moonroof, and leather-appointed seats, this is one natural, relaxed, and decidedly upscale environment.

The boot on the new Nissan X-TRAIL is larger than before. Thanks to improved packaging, VDA capacity is up from 550 litres to 565 litres on the five-seat version with all seats in place. Capacity on seven-seat interiors (445 litres) remains unchanged. Total space with all seats folded flat increases to 1,996 litres.

Every new X-TRAIL boot comes with Nissan’s innovative Flexible Luggage Board System, which allows for shelves and dividers to be adjusted in any one of nine configurations. These include a hidden compartment to keep valuables out of sight, making it the ideal base for family days out.

Drivers of the new Nissan X-TRAIL will enjoy Nissan Motion Activated Liftgate, which provides easier access than ever before. Just kick under the rear bumper to automatically open the available Motion Activated Liftgate, without reaching for a key or juggling armfuls of stuff.

The cabin of the new Nissan X-TRAIL boasts a raft of upgrades to enhance the existing high-quality feel. Entering the car, the striking new steering wheel, which has been increased by 17% from the top in accord to give a clearer visibility to the combination meter, is the first thing drivers will notice. It echoes the design of Nissan’s newest models globally and is standard across the new X-TRAIL range. Now D-shaped, the horizontal base means easier entry and exit for the driver, as well as a more sporty look and feel.

Whether customers select the five or seven-seat version of the new Nissan X-TRAIL, the leather upholstery that’s standard on SL-grade features enhanced quilting to create more defined seat contours.

Other cabin upgrades add to the higher-quality ambience and increased refinement of the new Nissan X-TRAIL. A new leather knee pad on both sides of the centre console has been added, while the area above the glovebox has been given a more contemporary finish. The air vents now feature a new gloss black surface.

The new Nissan X-TRAIL has a wider range of interior door trims to distinguish the different grades, while the central armrest storage area has been redesigned. All models are equipped with the CVT XTronic automatic transmission with a restyled gear selector which features a new leather-style gaiter.

Depending on the grade chosen, other available features include an opening panoramic sunroof, leather upholstery, privacy glass, dual-zone automatic air-conditioning and roof rails.

A wide range of genuine Nissan accessories are available including, load carrier, cross bars, front and rear under covers, bumper kick plate, dog guard, roof bars,  and a fixed tow-bar with electric hook-up.

The new Nissan X-TRAIL continues to offer countless confidence-inspiring innovative safety technologies, including Intelligent Around View Monitor, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, and Blind Spot Warning technology. These advanced technologies amplify Nissan’s Intelligent Mobility philosophy and provide Intelligent Power, Intelligent Driving and Intelligent Integration to increase a driver’s confidence and trust in their new Nissan X-TRAIL.

Intelligent Rear View Mirror gives new Nissan X-TRAIL drivers enhanced visibility making their driving experience and reversing even more comfortable with a built-in LCD monitor displaying images from a camera mounted on the rear of the vehicle. Other capabilities include:

  • Change from mirror to display with a simple switch
  • Clear visibility of a wide area
  • Double functionality in one single feature
  • Safer and more comfortable driving experienceReflecting customer demands for a superior audio option in the new X-Trail, the new model features two tweeters at the base of the windscreen, a woofer in each front door and a mid-range speaker in each rear door.

Intelligent Emergency Braking (I-EB) is a system that monitors the new Nissan X-TRAIL’s speed and proximity to the vehicle ahead, and warns the driver if needed to slow down. It can also apply braking if driver fails to respond. If a collision is unavoidable, this feature will engage the brakes to help reduce the speed and severity of impact.

Rear Cross Traffic Alert, to mitigate the risk of low-speed impacts when reversing out of a parking space, is now available for the first time. If the driver attempts to reverse when an approaching vehicle is detected, the system gives visual and audible warnings.

Another new technology is the Auto Hold Switch, which holds the new Nissan X-TRAIL in a stationary position for up to two minutes and works on hills whether facing up or down. Auto Hold Switch also allows the driver to take their foot off the brake and reduce fatigue.

Nissan continuously develops technology to help improve driving safety. Intelligent Around View Mirror gives drivers the power to see more than just what is behind them when parking. The new Nissan X-TRAIL offers the Intelligent Around View Monitor, which consists of four cameras that give drivers a virtual 360° bird’s-eye view of their vehicle, with selectable split-screen close-ups of the front, rear, and curbside views, for a better look. And since all obstacles aren’t stationary, Moving Object Detection keeps an eye around the new Nissan X-TRAIL and can warn driver’s about moving objects detected in the vicinity.

Nissan’s Front Collision Warning system is a distinct technological innovation. The system supports the driver in making a judgment by giving information about the situation which is going on outside the typical field of view. A sensor installed to the front of the vehicle can analyse the relative velocity and the distance to a vehicle directly ahead, as well as a vehicle traveling in front of the preceding one.

Blind Spot Warning (BSW) is a system that detects another vehicle in the blind spot area and an indicator appears in the driver’s or front passenger’s door pillar and on the available Advanced Drive-Assist® Display. Then, if the turn signal is on, the indicator flashes with a warning chime.

The Intelligent 4x4 is responsive and brilliantly adapts to changing conditions.  Sand, rain-covered pavement or tight turn, the system automatically sends power to the wheels that need it most. Even in ideal conditions, the new Nissan X-TRAIL’s available AWD pays big dividends – our passionate engineers also tuned the system for responsive, agile performance. Getting a grip has never been more fun.

Intelligent Cruise Control as mentioned earlier, allows drivers to set desired adjustable distance between them and the car in front. As traffic slows down or speeds up, the new Nissan X-TRAIL can respond accordingly.

Intelligent Engine Braking is a system that uses the CVT transmission to apply engine braking as a driver is slowing for a corner or coming to a stop. Much like shifting to a lower gear in traditional transmissions, it helps give smoother deceleration and a more confident feel when braking.

Intelligent Trace Control is an innovative technology which helps improve control when driver’s take a corner. It reads the situation and, if needed, can brake each wheel individually to help the driver steer through the turn with confidence.

Intelligent Ride Control provides Active Ride Control to smooth road bumps by automatically applying braking and adjusting engine torque.

Nissan’s Hill Start Assist (HAS) is also available on the new X-TRAIL. This technology assists the driver when switching pedals from the brake to the accelerator to start the car on a slope, the system maintains the brake pressure for a maximum of two seconds after the driver’s foot has left the brake pedal. By keeping the car at a standstill even when not pressing down on the brake, the system helps to prevent against rolling backwards when starting off on a slope.

In addition, the audio navigation system is enabled with up-to-date features to connect you social (Facebook & Google) at the press of a button whereas the Bluetooth audio streaming will keep you entertained with your choice of music. The new shark fin antenna improved the overall AM/FM reception.

The new Nissan X-TRAIL also comes with two airbags as standard, plus side curtain airbags on SL models, driver assistance systems including anti-lock brakes, electronic brakeforce distribution and stability control. Other standard equipment includes cruise control with speed limiter, Bluetooth connectivity, dual climate control and alloy wheels.

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