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Wed 22 Jun 2011 01:00 PM

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Trial for UK doctor in driving row pushed to August

British doctor will return to Dubai to face charge of public indecency after altercation with motorist

Trial for UK doctor in driving row pushed to August
Making offensive hand gestures is illegal in the UAE and can lead to a jail term
Trial for UK doctor in driving row pushed to August
Dubai cranes

A London surgeon detained in Dubai after allegedly making a
rude gesture to another driver has had his court hearing postponed to August 3.

A judge has pushed back the trial to August 3 after Dr
Joseph Nunoo-Mensah was unable to attend a scheduled court hearing this week,
his lawyer told Arabian Business.

Dr Nunoo-Mensah had his passport seized in April after he
was accused of gesturing at a fellow driver after an altercation n Dubai. The
doctor, a consultant colorectal surgeon at King's College Hospital in London,
was allowed to return to the UK after a friend gave their passport as surety,

He was due in Dubai to face a charge of public indecency on
June 20.

Lawyer Abdulla Al Mudharreb told Arabian Business last month
that he was confident Nunoo-Mensah would be acquitted.

“It happened at 7:30pm at a dark time, there are no
witnesses and he was in the car with the windows up. I think he is in a good
situation and as a lawyer it is a very simple case,” said Al Mudharreb, a
lawyer with Al Mudharreb Advocates & Legal Consultants.

“I went to the public prosecutor two or three times and I
spoke with him on legal points that there is not enough evidence or witnesses.
It is man against man.”

Nunoo-Mensah, a British national, claimed he was returning
to Dubai when he was tailgated by a car flashing its lights. The stretch of
road had a 60kph speed limit as roadworks were ongoing, and was single-lane
which prevented him moving out of the other driver’s way, he said.

He was not immediately available for comment when contacted
by Arabian Business.

Frank 8 years ago

This is absolutely ridiculous. No wonder British tourists are avoiding Dubai

Mohammed 8 years ago

Who was the other driver? Why is it that the other party's name has not been published?

Mike Hunt 8 years ago

The UAE is shooting itself in the foot. With such trivial matters they should have a system to impose a reasonable sized fine on tourists , and if they wished deport them, but to have a full trial over this is a waste of money and time for everyone.

raj 8 years ago

This kind of news will damage the tourist industry not only from UK but the rest of EEC countries. Minor issues like this should not be taken to the court but get it resolved amicably with the police....