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Sun 10 Jan 2010 11:23 AM

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Two charged over Emirates plane bomb prank

UK police take action after drama on board Dubai-bound aircraft at Heathrow Airport.

Two men have been charged by police in the UK in connection with an incident in which an alleged bomb threat was made on board an Emirates Airline flight.

Robert Fowles, 58, from Dover, south east England, is accused of making a bomb hoax and being drunk on the Dubai-bound flight as it prepared to leave London’s Heathrow Airport on January 8, the Metropolitan Police said in an e-mailed statement.

Another passenger, Alexander McGinn, 48, also from Dover, is charged with being drunk on an aircraft.

Fowles will appear at Westminster Magistrates Court, in London, tomorrow. McGinn was bailed to appear at the same court on January 22.

A 36-year-old man arrested at the same time was released without charge, police said.

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john 10 years ago

Get Reals statement is interesting. What is the profile of a terrorist. Perhaps you can enlighten me?

Omar 10 years ago

Get Real - I agree with your comment on drunkeness on planes - but why do you not think these men hardly fit the profile of a terrorist? Last time I checked, claiming (in a drunken state or not) that there's a bomb on the plane does fit the profile of a terrorist. Would you have been more satisfied if their names happened to be Mohammed and Abdullah? Perhaps that fits the profile you're referring to much better. It seems from your comment it's definitely a more important prerequisite than claiming there's a bomb on the plane. I don't mean to sound pedantic or overly sensitive - I'm sure you didn't mean any offence - but please try and be a bit more careful with how you phrase things.

Mounir 10 years ago

Get Real, your absurd comments are just..absurd!!! THey dont fit the profile? So what? There are terrorists and criminals who don't fit the profile that you have in that imagination of yours. They uttered a threat, that is a chargeable offense in almost every country in the world. Just because they were british with white skin, blue eyes and blonde hair does NOT mean they are above-human and cannot do any wrong.

what reality? 10 years ago

how do u profile a terrorist? by their names/religion i suppose? its time everyone acknowledges reality and do away with politicising terrorism & associating it with 'ISLAM'. I however, agree with the fact of stopping to serve alcohol on board aircrafts to avoid such nuisance.

Sensible 10 years ago

Why to stop selling drinks at airports? Isn't it an individual's responcibility to measure own intake? These men hardly fall into an age category requiring supervision, isnt' it? But the lesson to be learned here is no odd behavor and irresponsible claims will be tolerated as someone's arrogance costs far too high in terms of both: money and inconvenience for others.

GD 10 years ago

An idea to stop drunk people on flights would be to introduce breathalysers. State on the T&Cs of a flight that if an individual is suspected by airline staff of being in a drunken state, they may be breathalysed before boarding the plane. If they are over xxmg of alcohol (equivalent to X units of alcohol) then they may be removed from the flight. people may think twice about having a few drinks before a flight, especially long haul ones.

Serge 10 years ago

Agree 100%!! I hope their sentences/fines are stiff. I, for one, do not need such pranks if I am travelling. The stiffer the discipline the better. Look at the results... we may all have to suffer because of these idiots who are old enough to know better. On the other hand, that could be the price you have to pay if you want to be a tourist destination.

get real properly 10 years ago

How do they profile serial killers and all sorts of other killers ? well its easy, you look at a group of people and see what they all have in common. To observe something is not to create it. Put your own house in order please, I say that respectfully and with good intent.

AL 10 years ago

This is really interesting. I am white with blue eyes and have an english accent yet have origins that cross both her majestys borders and a country in the Bush termed 'Axis of Evil', Syria. As such i witness the naivity of both populations and religions. Anyone who says these fools do not 'fit the profile' is more foolish than these village idiots. EVERYONE should be subject to the same searches. and i wholly agree that they should receive the most harsh puishments for their pathetic behaviour particularly after the threats made and plots foiled and carried out of late. I mostly feel sorry for those poor passengers and crew who were inconvenienced because of these fools. As a frequent business traveller, this is the last thing yolu need after probably experiencing severe delays due to the weather. Do the British reputation some justice and put these fools away where they belong to make the numerous fools i saw running drunk around Heathrow airport 2 days before this flight (as i was about to board on the same corresponding flight) think twice about showing how clever they are by drinking themselves to idiocy. I hope whoever reads this can see that there is no ethic bias here and that 99% of us simply want a trouble free life free of all troublemakers in this world, terrorists or not. These idiots are a different breed of terrorists, the type that brings terror to many many people on a disturbingly frequent basis using their drunken stupidity as their chosen weapon!!!

Omar 10 years ago

The world's greatest mistakes and worst atrocities have been done in good intentions - much like terrorists. Yet what you say hasn't the slightest bit of respect. By your logic, all Irish people and Spaniards from the Basque region should also be pulled aside for profiling and suspected for terrorist activity. By your logic, all black people, hispanics and other non-whites should be considered thugs and crooks. In fact, by your own logic, seeing as several drunks on planes of late happen to be British a few times, perhaps all the English people should be breathalysed before getting on a plane or behind a car. According to your logic, all the Brits are a bunch of drunks. By what you're proposing, Get Real, those guys who claimed on that there was a bomb on the plane shouldn't have been taken seriously - purely on the basis of where they come from. Naturally, all of the above is absolute nonsense - it is in no way right to stick a whole nation, sex, creed or religion in the same bucket by the actions of a few. Yet thanks to the media, and people with all respect and 'good intentions' - this type of ignorance prevails. If you feel so strongly about your point of view, perhaps you should stop reading and commenting on a website that is run by a bunch of people who fit a terrorist profile. At least until they get their house in order, of course.