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Fri 31 Jul 2009 04:55 PM

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UAE to closely monitor salary change applications

Some low-income workers are raising salary amounts to meet family sponsorship norms.

UAE’s labour ministry is tightening its procedures on changing salary amount in the labour contract, according to a report.This is being done as some low-income workers are increasing the salary amounts to meet the minimum salary requirements to sponsor a family, the Gulf News daily reported, quoting a senior official.

Saif Al Suwaidi, acting executive director for labour affairs at the Ministry of Labour, said the ministry is monitoring any salary change application closely.

"We do not change the salary amount or the profession of a person in the labour contract unless the person provides clear evidence that the change is actual and not just a token change," Al Suwaidi said.

Currently the Federal National Council (FNC) is calling for a minimum wage of AED8,000 ($2,178) if an expatriate is provided accommodation and Dh10,000 ($2,722) if he or she is not provided with it to sponsor the family, the Gulf News said.

This is to adjust the demographic imbalance of the UAE, as Emiratis constitute close to only 20 percent of the total population of the country.

The UAE-based daily said that many employers agree to increase the salaries of the employees to enable them to sponsor their families.

But, the increase is only on paper and the employee receives the lesser amount. "This is an illegal practice and people who do this are deceiving and swindling the authorities," Al Suwaidi said.

Al Suwaidi was reacting to a worker's enquiry who wanted to change his profession from a warehouse keeper to a sales executive. It was submitted during the open day yesterday at the ministry's premises in Dubai.

The worker's application was rejected as he did not have the required qualification for working in the country as a sales executive.

There are currently about 1,850 professions registered at the Ministry of Labour, many of which require a university degree for a worker to be placed in a particular category.

As per labour law, the ministry does not accept any labour contract of a person who does not meet the requirements.

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Pradeep Naik 10 years ago

Gentlemen, do something before your Dubai say Do bye to all expats & many locals who depends on these expacts. Hold on to many expats they are your food provider, give them some facilities to stay in this country for your benefit.


Economics says, the more families stay here the more they spend here from what they earn also they can stay for long term to serve their organisations with loyalty. If a single person stays, he can elope with the saving and conning. Also social, moral and physical strain and stress will prevail in the society. More sins, more crimes may follow. I wonder why such hasteful decision are taken, if you dont have masses on whom will you rule, who will listen to you, the Westeners? Nationals are living luxurious lives like prince and princess? So, what is the issue? A normal labor's or expatriate didn't ever try to capture or seize the position, status or place of the National. There is a big gap between the have and have nots and let it be there for their own security and assurance. And regarding National culture mostly no one sincerely tried to introduce it really to the expats, they never bothered much, because of their pride and prejudice. So, live and let live, don't screw much, this is for your own good. You take care of the poor and they take care of yours. Remember Sheik Zahed and Sheik Maqtoum who always cared first for the downtrodden. May God bless their graves with His mercy.

Jack Black 10 years ago

I can’t believe these people, forging their documents to be with their love ones. And the employers favoring their employees against the rules and regulations of Dubai to keep their staffs happy, is beyond my comprehension. You people should know better to obey the law even if it is that much heartlessly ridiculous. Employers should be ruthless or they’ll be fined. Hey, I’m just sayin’… just thinking out loud here.

Jeff 10 years ago

The commenters below are missing the point. People who are not well off bring down the image of Dubai when they bring their families with them. Parts of Dubai and Sharjah look like 3rd World cities because 3rd world people and their families have made it so. Westerners, for all their faults, at least improve the image of a city and makes it look first world. I think Nationals have the right to want Dubai to look like a developed city, with well off people who are not stingy or dirty.

The Don 10 years ago

Instead of having these minimum threshold salary, why you don't improve the demographic imbalance by substituting those expatriate who earn salaries below this threshold with local UAE citizens?. This is a test for local citizens will to substitute the expatriate in these jobs at the same level of quality. This is a test for the government ability to implement measures to enable transformation in the mentality toward work and job class which is key to help these generations survive in the future as their grandparents did when there was no oil and economy dependant on hard, risky, and low paid jobs (diving for pearl, sailing to East Africa and India...etc). Or are we witnessing such laws because the evolution of modern UAE (and in fact all nations in this region and perhaps in many countries around the world) is following the theory of nations rise and fall where the build generation has finished his role, the generation who harvested the fruit of the build generation is entering his sunset years, and it is the dawn of the destruction generation who will lose everything before another build generation rise from the ash? If this is the case, then the future outlook is dark and the economy recovery is far from what all is trying to predict.

Kunal 10 years ago

I totaly agree with Jeff. All we need to follow is the way the expats (seems to include only the brits/aussies/south africans) seem to conduct themselves in Dubai. Get drunk every friday and make an ass of one self. Borrow until you cannot do so and then run away and blame it all on the local banks who apparently were holding a gun next to your head and forcing you to borrow!!! Whine 24/7 on how Dubai is sooo backward as modern cities ought to allow people to roam around semi-naked. Why do we need these 3rd world inhabitants who's only goal seems to be working hard while keeping their head down and trying to finance the lifestyles of the so-called expats.

Jack Black 10 years ago

My Dear Jeff, how did you become so like me? I mean, UAE was the topic, right? Not our beloved west. My God, I get sick whenever I check in to a hotel in L.A. with a ghetto view. I feel being ripped off with its US$ 20,000 to sky high plus Manhattan a night penthouses you know; I didn’t pay that much to get a better view of Jersey’s skyline, right? Sao Paulo’s slums’ too unglamorous even for Paris… speaking of Paris… (sighs) the crimes of poverty…

MJR 10 years ago

I agree with Kunal... Its people like Jeff from the West who are bent on trying to bring down the image of the UAE through their constant whining and complaining and their 'touch me not' attitude. They are here just to have a good time with absolutely no loyalty whatsoever towards the UAE. They are like the rats who abandon hip on the first sign of trouble. At least the expats from the 'Third world' bring with them certain core family values and ethics which dont seem to exist in people like Jeff. Oh by the way, Jeff, your comment was borderline racist.

The Don 10 years ago

To Jeff, I have only the typical post, if you don't like the 3rd world scenery, just leave to where you can't come across such view.

Big O 10 years ago

Please don't criticize Jeff. I think his 500 AED Saturday brunch, along with its buckedloads of alcohol, charged to his platinum card that he doesn't intend to pay are having an effect on his judgment. Lets imagine what Dubai will look like without Satwa, Karama and all the wonderful areas that truly define the spirit of Dubai. According to Jeff, Dubai should look like the following Population 200,000 Empty roads Empty buildings No business etc etc This is what Dubai will be if all the 'real expats' were to leave. I'm sure Jeff will have a real good time in this new Dubai. Oh no, but wait, as soon as Jeff figures out that there is something wrong in Dubai, he would be the first to leave with his luxury car at the airport and his maxed our platinum card taped to the wind shield.