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Mon 20 Apr 2009 12:00 AM

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UAE to come down hard on Indian Dish TV dealers

Ministry of Economy orders crackdown on trade of illegal satellite receivers.

The UAE Ministry of Economy (MoE) will take strict legal action against dealers caught selling Dish TV satellite receiver units that are illegally imported from India.The Ministry has issued a directive to concerned authorities, ordering them to clamp down on the trade of illegal set-top boxes as “it violates national copyright law by infringing on broadcasting rights”. Using the device, people in the UAE can access India’s direct-to-home entertainment service that includes more than 200 channels.

The directive comes after the Ministry led a series of raids against unauthorised Dish TV dealers in the region, which led to the arrest of violators in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah and the confiscation of a number of units.

“Legitimate businesses such as E-Vision are greatly hurt by this kind of piracy. There is a wrong public impression that it is acceptable to acquire pirated entertainment because movie producers and studios profit a lot from them,” Scott Butler, CEO, Arabian Anti-piracy Alliance (AAA).

“That is why we are telling people to consider this issue from a different perspective: what if it was their own creative works that were being stolen, how would they react? The right to protect intellectual property is not only logical but a legal right as well; illegal pay TV is simply an unacceptable violation of IPR,” added Butler.

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KIR 11 years ago

it is illegal but why are people trying to get these things, with the amount you pay for e-vision for a month will provide you access of dish subscription for 1 year in India

J 11 years ago

the broadcasters in UAE should slash their prices down .. ppl pay ridiculous amount of money for a handful of channels.. Why do we have inflated prices in everything out here. !!

Bipin 11 years ago

one thing i don't understand is since when did using dishtv be considered as using pirated entertainment? dishtv is an Indian brand operating from India and delivering entertainment directly to consumers so if companies like evision are trying to make a loads of money in just reselling them then thats not correct, the only reason people started buying dishtv was because evision charges way too high for the same channels

Javed 11 years ago

There are lot of other devices being used here and why this issue only about 'Indian' dish channels. What is Mr.Butler meant by IPR, as everyone know these are not free devices, they are paying to the original providers are gettng the devices. So there is no free business here as software piracy!

Indian Expat 11 years ago

Its high time these UAE based companies STOP fleecing consumers with exorbitant rates for 1/3 the no of channels. They should look at their fault beofre crying foul like sore losers.

Lima 11 years ago

How much ever we complain Etisalst is only going to complain that Dish TV is illegal as they lose a lot of money on it. But will they reduce the prices oh no it may affect the 2 billion in profit that they make. UAE is the only advanced country in he world where the prices for broadband, mobile talk time and cable tv are so high. With the price you pay for just the cheapest broadband per month is the UAE you can get higher speed broadband and cable in India. Now most people argue that this is so because the population is high then what about places in the middle east itself where the prices are much lower ?

Jacob 11 years ago

The prices for the E-vision packages are very very high compared to any other country in the world, can say 5 to 10 times higher. Also the packages you are offering is not complete. What is the use in 100s of arabic channels you are offering in a package for a person who do not know arabic...be practical...We were using e-vision pehla silver since years (you are calling it special sports package) and when the world cup football came you are charging a huge amount extra to watch the games.

EJC 11 years ago

dish TV is legal in india and they are broadcasting legally bought movies on their channels. For the qualiy provided here thru evsion most people nowadays prefer such DTh services. Dish cud be illegal as a service here but the contents are defineyly legal. Evsion has to see what it can offer rather than drive their monopoly with such high prices and bad channel packages.IF not we may see more competition coming in this way of illegal DTH services.

Srini 11 years ago

What we pay to DISH TV for one year to view about 140-150 channels is equivalent to e-Pehla Silvr package charges of one month. Many people, of late, shifted to DISH TV becuase of exhorbitant prices. We request ETISALAT to consider adding more Indian Channels (same as DISH TV or atleast 75-80% of its Channebsl) and also reduce monthly charges by 60-75%, then you can see that no one uses DISH TV and change to E-VISION.

maggie 11 years ago

Here with already skyrocketing prices of basic commodities and living standards, Indian dish tv is a source of entertainment at a cheap package,why do you curb the low income expats of this cheap and valuable entertainment?First reduce the price for the E-vision package to Dhs 10/- a month and then see the immense response.