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Mon 29 Mar 2010 08:14 AM

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UAE court sentences 17 to death over killing

Ruling thought to be the largest single number of people sentenced to death at one time.

A court in the UAE has sentenced 17 Indians to death over the killing of a Pakistani following a dispute involving illegal trade in alcohol, a newspaper reported on Monday.

The Sharia court in Sharjah, one of the smaller of seven emirates making up the the UAE, sentenced the men to death following DNA tests indicating involvement in the fatal stabbing, Khaleej Times reported.

The sentence is thought to be the largest single number of people sentenced to death at one time in the UAE, a country dominated by the oil-exporting emirate of Abu Dhabi and its flashy but indebted neighbour Dubai.

In the UAE, Sharjah is the only emirate where the consumption, possession or trade in alcohol is completely banned. In neighbouring tourist haven Dubai, known for its nightclubs and beach bars, it is loosely regulated.

According to the newspaper, three Pakistanis who survived the attack said that 50 people had assaulted them with knives. Those convicted men are 17-30 years of age, the newspaper said. (Reuters)

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BholayBhai 10 years ago

UAE is a place on earth, without prejudice, where the law & order and justice really prevails. Nevertheless, the news "A court in the UAE has sentenced 17 Indians to death over the killing of a Pakistani following a dispute involving illegal trade in alcohol, is quite shocking. The point is, can 17 persons get death penalty against the killing of one person?

Zii 10 years ago

The question is: do you want people who are willing to kill others live among us? Of course not!

rami 10 years ago


MUSLIM 10 years ago

iam very happy with this decission by the sharia court.As islam dictates an eye for an eye,i personally think this is a very good decission.atleast this would set an example to others in the country that crime will not go unpunished.If 17 people take part in killing one person then all 17 should are equally responsible. Kudos to the sharia court.

N.S. 10 years ago

The answer is YES! 17 people who killed another human being for personal interests and gain (regardless whether is alchool or any other reason) are still criminals aside of the number of people they killed. However the title is depictive because they aren't condemned because of alchool but because these people are murderers. So let's make it clear please.

Bulldog 10 years ago

I must agree with Rami. Sharjah's unilateral ruling on alcohol merely forces the trade underground, dominated by gangs determined to profit through the illicit trade in this commodity which is widely available throughout the rest of the country. Simply by legalizing the sale of alcohol in Sharjah they will, at a stroke, remove the gang culture who thrive on the black market sales of beverages. They will also benefit from the taxes that would be levied and see a dramatic rise in tourism. It's a bit of a no-brainer really. At the moment they are just handing the potential income from tourism on a plate to Dubai. Come on Sharjah, get real!

Marco 10 years ago

First, I disagree with those who believe that Sharjah has to legalize the trade, posession or consumption of alcohol, why should they if it goes against their values and believes? Second, while Im not too familiar with this case, the sentence seems to indicate that all 17 were equally involved in the killing, which seems somewhat unlikely.

Dutch 10 years ago

I fully disagree with the people who say that Sharjah should allow alcohol. You think allowing alcohol will stop criminal activities? These people trading illegal alcohol will find something else to do illegally. They are criminals that don't seem to be able to make their money in an honest way. Who say that Sharjah needs to focus on tourism? And if they do, why do they need to legalize alcohol for that? There is more to life than booze my dear friends! The law is the law, Sharjah decided it is forbidden so deal with it. There are plenty places in the UAE where you can drink. Don't get me wrong I like my drink, but if it's illegal it is illegal! And these 17 guys all deserve the punishment they got, you know that when you commit murder in the UAE, it most likely will be the end of the road for you.

FLAVIA AGNES 10 years ago

this judgment of hon'ble court has upholded the rule of law in UAE. the court shall be praised for being so bold to convict all the accused who violated the law of the land. everyone who wish to criticse this judgment shall think again that if the victim had been his brother or father or any family member how he/ she would have felt . it's a relief to the family members of the victim and the society of UAE that such hardened criminal has been sentenced to death and therefore even the other hardened criminals are dreaded by this good jugment.