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Sun 12 Apr 2015 10:13 AM

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UAE criticises Pakistan's Yemen decision

Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Anwar Gargash accused Pakistan of siding with Iran, failing to support Gulf states at a ‘critical’ time & being contradictory

UAE criticises Pakistan's Yemen decision
Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Anwar Gargash. (Getty Images)

The UAE has criticised Pakistan’s decision not to send military support for the operation against Houthi rebels in Yemen.

Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Anwar Gargash used his Twitter account to suggest Pakistan was not reciprocating in its relationship with Arab states involved in the Yemen offensive.

“Though our economic and investment assets are inevitable, political support is missing at critical moments,” he wrote in reference to the Gulf’s economic and investment help to the South Asian nation, according to AFP.

He also accused Pakistan of siding with Iran, suggesting in another Tweet that Tehran seems to be more important to Islamabad and Ankara than the Gulf countries, referring to Turkey’s decision also not to send troops to support the Saudi-led conflict.

The Pakistani parliament’s decision, while still voicing support for the coalition was “contradictory and dangerous and unexpected from Islamabad,” Gargash reportedly said.

Pakistani leaders had travelled to Riyadh in the past week to discuss its support for Operation Decisive Storm and it had been expected they would sent troops to Yemen.

However, on Friday, Pakistan’s parliament voted unanimously not to join the air campaign, offering instead to mediate a solution.

Critic 4 years ago

Excuse me, who attacked who and for what purpose?

Saudia leads in the war and asks for military help, while saudi military is hugely equipped with best of the best war toys. Unfortunately, it is exercising them on a country with the worst infrastructure in GCC, is that fair?

And why UAE is disappointed, shouldn't it be the saudies who should be?

Pakistan with all its bads, the most corrupted labelled country, still has a system and its called, DEMOCRACY.

It doesn't have one voice but multiple voices for the country and what they did was in the best interest of national security as like national security for Saudia, they have their own interest.

UAE should stop thinking negative and respect a democratic country, who still runs its own electoral process and then select its representative, unlike only one representative in GCC countries.

Pakistan has its own war to tackle, its army is not a service provider for the Arabs, who continuously have sectarian problems made by themselves.

Jumbo Jet 4 years ago

Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Anwar Gargash, should attend Foreign Policy Diplomacy language school, to polish his verbal skills.
Since when is Pakistan obligated to fight UAE's war's ?
.......and is this the way you request a country to ask it's son's to lay down their lives for people who are unwilling to defend their own land ?

Tim Gallaher 4 years ago

Also the UAE must understand that Washington pulls the strings in Islamabad, so Pakistan CAN NOT join if Washington does not want it to. And anyone with half a brain, should know that Washington always plays both sides (brilliantly), and to its advantage.

Simon 4 years ago

I find it quite unbelievable that Politics regarding 'War' has been reduced to a 'twitter feed'...(and this is as mildly as I could think to write this comment)

Pir Eddie 4 years ago

There is definitely a lack of empathy.

The Yemen conflict is more about the growing influence of Iran in the region. It's no wonder that Saudi Arabia & UAE are taking this very seriously.

On the other hand you have a country which is fighting an existential war with terrorists (both local & foreign with foreign funding) while being surrounded on two sides by countries which to put it mildly haven't been friendly. Multiple wars with India with the issue of Kashmir still the issue along with water. Afghanistan with safe havens for militants.

To make an enemy of the third neighboring country (Iran) would be suicidal for Pakistan.

Imagine being surrounded by Israel on two sides and fighting a war with militants inside your borders while a friend asks for military support for a fight where your presence wont change the outcome. Pakistan's involvement isn't required to "win" but more of a statement.

There is definitely a lack of empathy.

Irbis 4 years ago

With all due respect Pir Eddie, the terrorist problem is home-grown. For example, it was Pakistan that created, supported and officially acknowledged the Taliban in Afg, and now Islamabad complains about being encircled? There is a reason that both its neighbors do not welcome the vicious and destructive strategy of ISI and its related culprits.

M. khasawneh 4 years ago

its obvious that Pakistan will look after its own interest, but at the time they should remember the amount of investment and their interest in GCC countries.
Pakistan is having so many problem in there country with same groups and they are unable to resolve it.
may be its a lesson to GCC country to know who can stand with them in such condition.