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Wed 21 Aug 2013 10:03 AM

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UAE lawyer says women not attractive enough to be prostitutes

The argument was presented in an Abu Dhabi court case as part of a police sting operation

UAE lawyer says women not attractive enough to be prostitutes
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A defence lawyer has claimed that her client could not have sold prostitutes to undercover policemen because the women “are not that attractive”, The National reports.

Fayza Moussa, who is representing EF, one of four men convicted over the crime, yesterday argued her case in the Abu Dhabi Appeals Court.

The newspaper said the men were arrested in a sting operation shortly after one of them met the undercover officers in a hotel room and received payment for the three women.

Prosecutors alleged the men sold each woman for AED45,000 ($12,251) and intended to give each of the prostitutes AED5,000.

The Criminal Court previously found the four men - Egyptians EF, MA, SS and Syrian BM - guilty of enhancing prostitution.

Three Moroccan women - LR, NS and KL – were also found guilty of prostitution.

All seven are appealing against their convictions.

Moussa claimed EF appeared to have been framed.

"Seems like CID tricked the men into the deal by tempting them with a lot of cash," Moussa was quoted as telling the court.

“Why would anyone pay AED45,000 for each of these women, they are not even that attractive?”

The report said Moussa claimed her client had been duped into collecting the money from the officers after meeting SS in the hotel lobby on the day of the incident and agreeing to go to a room to collect some money for him in exchange for a commission. He was not told what the money was for and had nothing to do with the women.

The case was adjourned to September 22.

Kabay 6 years ago

How does the lawyer know too much about the rates of the prostitutes especially the ratings based on beauty??? Seems like someone is closely connected to the ring.

SA1 6 years ago

And why this is news? As a defence lawyer...she was making her point....

shaheen 6 years ago

I think Fayza Moussa needs the visit the red light areas of Dubai and some of the night clubs and bars as part of her reseach for her job and see for herself that prostitutes are not all attractive. She obviously has not done her practical research.