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Tue 3 Feb 2009 12:01 PM

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UAE monthly household income revealed

Household expenditure is AED11,241.20 a month, compared with income of 18,248.60.

The average monthly household income of UAE residents is AED18,248.60, according to a new survey by the UAE Ministry of Economy.

The average household expenditure is AED11,241.20 a month, with 14.2 percent of its income spent on food and drink.

Meanwhile, nearly 40 percent of household income is spent on housing and utilities, the report revealed.

Sultan bin Saeed Al Mansouri, the UAE's Minister of Economy, said the results would aid the formulation of socio-economic policies and help the country meet the statistical requirements of international organisations, such as the World Bank.

“The results will help us to further enhance the lifestyle standards of residents in the country through judicious planning, especially in preparing consumer price indices and inflation rates in line with international standards,” Al Mansouri said.

The survey also showed that average national household income and expenditure are more than double that of non-national households.

The average monthly income for national households is AED36,438.10 and expenditure is AED22,989, while non-national household income is AED15,074.30 and expenditure is AED9645.40.

Rashed Al Suwaidi, assistant undersecretary for statistics and planning at the Ministry of Economy, said: "The average expenditure of nationals and non-nationals vary for different commodities with several factors influencing the decision.”

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Mathew Joe 11 years ago

Its really a skewed report. On what statistical basis ! verified by any independent authority / International Body ! this could be the house hold income of average Westeners in the country. Come on U.A.E lets be logic...No wonder the rules or conditions dosent reflect the reality. Even the expenditure has (is ) to be much higher & not the amount projected in the report - please get it verified by independent authority.

Ben 11 years ago

In a society like the UAE, it makes more sense to analyse the median income & not the average. It would be interesting to know the methodology used to see its pertinence. And for sure there is a preferential treatment for UAE nationals in term of salary package. The government should now analyze their productivity compared to foreigners to evaluate if such gap is justified and if it is on the best interest of the UAE and its national citizens development. I really doubt.

Joseph 11 years ago

Who are the 'residents' included in the survey, who did it exclude - this would be interesting to know.

JJ 11 years ago

the income numbers mentioned - is that 'take home' or gross as in the CTC ? In any case no one can miss the fact that there is a disparity that should no longer be ignored.

Alexandra 9 years ago

i have a project to do with economics and this is really useful i really like it so thanx to who made it

gordon 9 years ago

interesting report, I wish there was a link to the full report so we can understand how the statistics were made up.

For example did it use the number of labourers in the total.
If so then the numbers would be skewed to the downside.

Did they include the top 5 pct of income people? if so then the numbers would be skewed to the upside.

Telcoguy 9 years ago

Agreed, whenever the only figure provided is the average that is always suspicious, at the very least average and standard deviation, better median, even better quartiles...
No clear indication of the sampling used either, but one would imagine that being "households" it would exclude anyone living in labour camps/company accommodation. Same for "irregular" situation (multitenant flats) that one could only imagine make up a non-negligible part of the population.
So using this for anything else than a school project would not be a good idea.
Maybe the full report would be better, but i could not find it at thee ministry web.

Guest 9 years ago

nice fantasy figure - check out the real life, and normal middle class expats income and expenses with 1 child in school cost. or a worker expenses and income then the true real pictures will be seen. Or better check out the income and expenses of a single bachelor who works and sleeps without any outside expenses.
90% falls in the above category itself.

Prabhu 9 years ago

Sorry guys, mistake do happens, can be read as HOUSEHOLD EXPENSE. happy now?

Habeeb 9 years ago

@ Ben - agreed. It would have been better to know the median rather than the mean figure. Another point to take into account are the salaries mentioned in the employment contracts. In a lot of cases, these figures are inflated as the employees would like to bring their families around which they can't if the EC was for the figure they actually took home. This is especially true of those in the lower income group who are the vast majority in the labour market.