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Thu 2 Jul 2009 06:43 AM

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UAE raises minimum salary limit for expats with family

Expats wanting to bring their families to the UAE must earn AED10,000 a month - report.

Expat residents who want to bring their families into the country must earn a minimum monthly salary of AED10,000 ($2,723), up from AED6,000 under new rules, it was reported on Thursday.

They must also provide their family with independent accommodation, a senior official told UAE daily Gulf News.

Major General Nasser Al Awadi Al Menhali, director general of the Naturalisation and Residency Department (NRD), told the paper the decision was made after a study into the negative effects of allowing residents to bring their families without sufficient income and a suitable place to stay.

Previously the minimum salary requirement was AED3,000, which was later raised to AED4,000 and then AED6,000, the paper reported.

Al Menhali told the paper it was best for the minimum wage to be raised to cope with the cost of living, rents, school fees and healthcare.

A resident should be able to support his family and afford their living costs to enable them to live a decent life, in line with labour and residency laws, he said.

The new rules will come into effect after an amendment to the residency law, Al Menhali said, without adding a specific date.

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mickey 11 years ago

This country seems to be hell bent on reducing its population as soon as possible. It beats me how its going to help the developement of the UAE economy. This move will not only make the place more unviable, but in the long run will lead to exodus of large number of expats back to their own countries, leaving a serious gap in the manpower requirements to run this country. Instead of making the place more affordable by controlling prices, bringing down rents and putting caps on school fees the officials seem to lbe taking the opposite route.

Nuts 11 years ago

Quote: " Al Menhali told the paper it was best for the minimum wage to be raised to cope with the cost of living, rents, school fees and healthcare. A resident should be able to support his family and afford their living costs to enable them to live a decent life, in line with labour and residency laws, he said. " So when is the minimum wage law planned to be passed so that employers are bound to pay the minimum wage which enables a resident to be able to support his family and afford their living costs to enable them to live a decent life. If such a law is passed, then we do not need laws stipulating eligibility as all residents will be eligible.......... Not sure what comes first anymore the horse or the cart, but the conditions for the ride are being surely being set.

Pissu Pad 11 years ago

Now that the rents for apartments / flats are easing out.............. groceries and provisions are getting cheaper.......... metro train willl be started in next 70 days with reasonable fare......... cost of living has to come down. In tandem with this the minimum salary criteria for sponsoring family members should decrease. How does the arithmaic work, on the DNRD table?

richard 11 years ago

No mention as to what will happen with those that are already in the country that earn between 4 to 10k, will their work visas get renewed if they are earning less than 10000?

Patrick 11 years ago

Dubai will soon become a city for CEOs, so next time you order a coffee from a restaurant, don't be surprised if you see the CEO himself coming out and serving you, as most of his employees were sent back home along with their families due to the ingenious law that came out recently... And that's how, ladies and gentlemen you revive the economy! Watch and Learn!

Cheetah 11 years ago

Folks here we go again what is happening to rulers of this country in the critical stage of financial crises gripping the country. First they introduced rule for owning property which does not makes any sense of investing 1 million dirhams for 6 month visa. Why would anyone invest 1 miilion for 6 month residency, we can show 1 million to Candian, Australian and UK embassies and get the passport within few months. Now this law it is sure going to decrease the population of this country and more buildings and malls will become empty. Please do not forget that it is the expatriates who are driving force behind UAE economy and if they leave UAE we will be back to old camel and horse riding days. 50% of the work force salary is between 7 to 9k. Looks like the real economic crises is just starting to grip the economy of this country. Comments invited from mind like folks.

NAUF 11 years ago

I read the report in Gulf News and it appears that this has come from Abu Dhabi. I can only hope that this law is for Abu Dhabi only. Visa laws were one of the partially favourable things Dubai had in spite of the madness that went around in Dubai in the past few years. However, from July 2008, came the scrapping of freehold 3 year renewable visas, and the alternate freehold visa that was bought up essentially said "we don't want you". This multiple entry crap too seems to have come up from Abu Dhabi, and the scrapping of the earlier visa also seems to have been done federally. It looks like in the current scenario, Dubai is forced to follow what Abu Dhabi says. I can only hope one day that things go back to the times where Dubai is different. However, times are tough, may be tough for a long long time.

WHATAN 11 years ago

So what about current visas when they come up for renewal and the sponsor does not earn 10K? Better then to leave now and start a new life back home than to wait to be forced out when the visa expires.

the Ulti 11 years ago

This move is obviously targeting one and sole goal: THEY DON'T WANT ANYMORE MID-INCOME FAMILIES IN THE UAE TO LIVE, THEY ARE NOW UPGRADING THEIR LEVELS TO MORE RICH PEOPLE AND TO WESTERN EXPATS AND HIGHER INCOME OTHER NATIONALITIES. The working class has to live here alone by themselves without their families, they only want their hard-work and their cheap sweat, as for Managers, CEO's, Chairmen, Owners and Elite Investors: THEY ARE MOST WELCOME WITH THEIR MONEY. This shows a real smart move, 'coz the only one who will benefit from this will be the UAE itself, the state and the government itself. WIth rich people you can raise the rent as much as you want and no one can complain. However, with mid-class people of lower income they will stop renting excessively high-value sand houses until the owner puts the rent down for a cheaper price. You can use this example for shopping, parking, financing, government fees, services, and a lot of things in a country that is only looking out and running after being the richest in the UNIVERSE. I wonder how many Indian Families have to send their families back, and how many Arabs too. As for the Western community, they wouldn't care too much, because a relationship can exist without a family, even with a child; and the government knows and sees with blind-folded eyes. Good move UAE, and hope the next law will be that you are not allowed to finance a car unless you pay 90% down-payment.

MM 11 years ago

This means more MEN and less WOMEN which highlights security issues for women in UAE. With more men we are only putting this country on risk. Every country in the world tries bring families together and finds solutions towards it. Very disappointed UAE. Very disappointed. I though Emarati law makers were forward minded, kind and generous people, I guess i was wrong..