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Wed 6 Feb 2013 02:27 PM

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UAE slams "dangerous" Iran islands visit

Iranian committee is due to arrive in three Gulf islands also claimed by UAE

UAE slams "dangerous" Iran islands visit
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (AFP/Getty Images).

The UAE has condemned as ''provocative" and "dangerous'' Iran’s announcement that it plans to establish a national security
and foreign affairs policy for a disputed group of islands in the Persian Gulf.

A committee of the Iranian Shura Council will conduct an
inspection tour of the three islands, Abu Musa, Greater
Tunbs and Lesser Tunbs, which Iran has occupied since the UK military
left the UAE in 1971.

The neighbouring Gulf states each lay claim to the
unoccupied islands, which are considered of strategic importance because of their
location in the middle of the Gulf shipping lane.

In a statement released on Wednesday, the UAE Federal
National Council (FNC) said the Iranian trip violated UAE sovereignty and
contradicted efforts to find a peaceful settlement.

''The escalating measures, which Iran used to do, can
never alter the historic and legal facts that prove the islands are part and
parcel of the UAE territories,'' the statement said.

The FNC said it would refer the dispute to the International Court of Justice
if direct negotiation failed to see the islands returned to the UAE.

''While condemning the hostile measures, the FNC affirms
they run counter to the GCC peaceful stances and repeated calls and initiatives
the UAE has made to put an end to the Iranian occupation of its islands in
consistence with principles of the international law, historic and friendly
bonds and mutual interests.

“The Iranian actions also contravene an understanding
reached by the two countries to avoid escalation so as to clear the air for a
solution that enhances security and stability in the region and promotes
relations of good neighbourliness between countries.”

The FNC called on Iran to refrain from “unjustifiable provocative measures” and
to work towards strengthening confidence between countries in the Gulf region.

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ahmed 7 years ago

There is the space option.

Irfan Khan 7 years ago

This is not about the Islands...its about the Ego!!!!!

Saeed M 7 years ago

For you to say that the dispute is about ego is very naiive at best.

How about you read about the history about why the islands are important to the UAE and why this dispute has been ongoing for almost 40 years...

Oh, and the answer is not ego!!

Paolo C 7 years ago

I don't know about the history of the islands but I admire Iran for its anti Israel opinion, while other arab countries bend 90 degres to please the US / JEWISH administration in exchange for military protection of their kingdoms.

Mike Jones 7 years ago

@Saeed M, please educate us! Tell us why there is merit in UAE claiming the islands. One evidence would do.

Monkey Tennis 7 years ago

Mike - why not try doing a little research and as with most such issues you will discover it is a lot more complicated than your simplistic challenge to Saeed implies. While doing so you may wish to read up on the part the British had to play - not the first time they've left a mess behind in this part of the world!

Essa 7 years ago

The UAE must show and prove that it is serious, as a first step the UAE must stop issuing visas to Iranians.

Mike Jones 7 years ago

@Monkey Tennis the question was asked for a reason , I teach Middle East history at one of the top universities here. There are no complications. Britain was a squatter in the Gulf and a squatter has no rights after its departure. And yes there was a trade, Iran got its Islands back less Bahrain and the privilege of being able to order , ships, hovercrafts and various other armaments to police the Gulf. I go back to my point when did the Islands ever belong to another nation or even city state?

Monkey Tennis 7 years ago

Yes, of course you do Mike...

Jake 7 years ago

I would go a step further, stop all trade with Iran. No more Dhows to Iran. While we are at it, don't accept Iranians to buy properties here. Surely that won't hurt the UAE at all.