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Tue 21 Feb 2012 08:25 PM

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UAE starts to remove Coca-Cola, Pepsi cans

Consumer protection chief says shops face penalties if they continue to sell 300ml cans

UAE starts to remove Coca-Cola, Pepsi cans

The UAE said on Tuesday it has started to remove 300ml cans of Coca-Cola and Pepsi from shops across the country due to consumer protection violations.

The consumer protection department at the Ministry of Economy said the removal would take a month to complete, state news agency WAM reported.

It added that the US-based soft drinks giants were in violation of a resolution of the Supreme Committee for Consumer Protection and the Consumer Protection Law.

Dr Hashim Al Nuaimi, the head of the consumer protection department, said the products were being sold without putting the price or Arabic labelling of the ingredients on the cans.

Al Nuaimi said that the consumer protection team had started the removal process, adding that the 300ml cans were banned from all retail outlets, restaurants and hotels.

He said that the ministry has held meetings with representatives from Coca-Cola, with another meeting with Pepsi planned "very soon" to agree on the withdrawal process.

"For the moment, and until we obtain a clearer picture from our meetings with both companies, there will be no penalties, and will be satisfied with the withdrawal of the products," Al Nuaimi added.

He also said that retail outlets who continue to sell the 300ml cans "would face serious penalties".

The Ministry of Economy told reporters on Sunday the two companies had reduced the size of their AED1.5 cans from 355ml to 300ml without permission and had also removed the price tag.

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harmony 8 years ago

Given the lack of consumer protection out here, can't they think of something better to do. Phew, we'e all so much safer by the removal of 300ml cans of cola. They want to try addressing the more serious consumer rights. Or is it perhaps about the lack of ingredients in arabic?

Glen 8 years ago

What is the problem? It is clearly stated "the products were being sold without putting the price or Arabic labeling of the ingredients on the cans"
What is the solution? "Put the price and Arabic labeling on the cans"

Take a look at all retailers, you will find 1000's of items that do not have the prices on them without comprehensive labeling in Arabic or English.

fizzy 8 years ago

will that also apply to the 300ml cans restaurants short change customers with .. and even charge as much as dhs 12 for??

SAM 8 years ago

Oh, and that upset you? The law of the land requires that its official language be stated on the label. Coke can not sell its products in Quebec without having French plastered all over it, so what's so different here? Frankly, I would be happy to see these drinks banned altogether, since studies have shown them to be major contributors to cancer and obesity.

Mustafa 8 years ago

Infact its quite a boon for them to increase the rates. Why Complain? We shouldnt even be drinking this stuff.

Najam 8 years ago

Its quite heartening to see the Consumer Protection Dept in action - good show! Hope this will extend to more products and companies that flout the rules blatantly - only the dept needs to be more vigilant and protect the rights of consumer who sadly enough feel quite unprotected in this market - left at the mercy of the big retailers. And if you need redressal then comes the "wasta" and who is the sponsor and so on and so forth...
This step towards the two biggies is really a gleam of light... please keep it up...

john 8 years ago

I don't see any problem if there was no Arabic labels. People should be more educated and master the English language which is the only universal language.

Minaka 8 years ago

Good question! I think the govt should also look into the extortionate prices restaurants/hotels charge for water & soft drinks.

Minaka 8 years ago

@john - so speaking/knowing English language = highly educated?? Wow! you are indeed a genius!

SAM 8 years ago

@john, you're barking at the wrong tree. I'm neither moslem nor Arab.