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Wed 25 May 2011 09:23 PM

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UAE will move over to metric system on Nov 11

Real estate sector to see biggest changes as feet, inches and yards will be banished in business

UAE will move over to metric system on Nov 11
Property units in the UAE will be measured in metres only from November 11.

The UAE will implement the international system of units replacing feet, inches and yards in favour of metres, in November, officials said on Wednesday.

The plan to shift to metre in official and commercial activities, in particular the real estate sector, was announced in August last year.

A national action committee, made up of representatives of all relevant entities, agreed the move to the metric system would be implemented on November 11.

A circular issued by Dr Rashid Ahmed bin Fahad, chairman of the Emirates Authority for Standardisation & Metrology (ESMA), all businesses operating in the UAE will only be allowed to use the international system of Units from that date.

Mohammad Saleh Badri, acting director general, ESMA, said software used by the UAE Land Departments will be changed so sizes of all properties adher to the move.

ESMA said it had been in talks with the land departments across the country since 2009 and has been conducting educational awareness for the last two years.

Badri said: "The shift could not be done abruptly because first, the software used by the land department need to be changed to comply with the metric system, and second there is a psychological aspect involved in this as well."

The move follows the UAE's introduction of litres instead of gallons as the unit of fuel from January 1 this year.

Glen 8 years ago

Bravo, it is about time, but as the saying goes better late than never.

This will go a long way to reducing the cost of doing business saving time, trouble and money for developers and contractors who have to convert measurements and then give them to manufacturers or suppliers who convert back for costing.