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Sun 8 Jul 2012 08:41 AM

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UAE wins extradition UK case

Former Dubai resident allegedly swindled multiple buyers out of deposits

UAE wins extradition UK case
Sheeraz Amir is accused of selling an apartment in Downtown Dubai, near Burj Khalifa, to multiple different buyers over a period of months in 2009.

The UAE government has won an appeal to extradite a former Dubai resident who is alleged to have operated a real estate scam in Dubai and absconded to the UK with investors’ money, Arabian Business has learned.

According to court documents, Sheeraz Amir, whose nationality was not disclosed, is accused of selling an apartment in Downtown Dubai, near Burj Khalifa, to multiple different buyers over a period of months in 2009.

In witness statements submitted by the UAE government, a Mr Geoveridi, alleged he paid AED200,000 (US$54,445) as a deposit on the apartment and Amir gave him two post-dated cheques as security. After a few months later, Geoveridi contacted the police when Amir told him the deal had fallen through and the security cheques bounced when presented for cashing.

A second witness, named as Mr Askari, reported a similar tale where he handed over a deposit of AED100,000 (US$27,222) for what is believed to be the same apartment in Downtown Dubai, according to court documents.

The documents add that two days after Amir cashed the cheque, Askari claimed he was contacted by telephone by a person called Asad who told him he was one of “a line of people” who had paid deposits to Amir for the apartment.

Similar to Geoveridi, Askari subsequently contacted Dubai police claiming he was swindled by Amir, court documents added.

Last year, the UAE government started extradition proceeding against Amir for bouncing cheques and committing fraud. However, the request was dismissed in an initial December 11 court hearing.

After a review of the evidence by the High Court in London, presiding Lord Justice Toulson concluded the evidence submitted by the UAE government’s legal team was “not well organised” and some of the evidence was “incomplete”.

“I have come to the conclusion that the particulars of the offence specified in the extradition request, although not as clear as they might be, on a fair reading do amount to an allegation that the giving of the cheques was part and parcel of a fraudulent deception,” the judge stated in his judgment.

As a result, the UAE’s appeal for extradition was upheld in a hearing on June 22 and the case continues.

Arabian Business was unable to contact Sheeraz Amir for comment and his legal representative was not immediately available for feedback.

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Legal Representative 7 years ago

This article is not true. I am the legal representative of the defendant and I can confirm that the case was thrown out by the UK Government. UAE did appeal against the decision and it was allowed to be revisited. I can also confirm that UAE has not won this case as it is still in progress

Mr Khan 7 years ago

If only UK citizens could extradite UAE nationals who were CEO's of failed developments. They too conspired in selling multiple units in developments they clearly dont intend on building.

innocent bystander 7 years ago

hmmmm.....and the plot thickens! Very interesting!

Berny 7 years ago

EU nationals should be allowed to take cases in EU as Dubai Laws are not allowing them to defend themselves in UAE at a reasonable cost and in a reasonable time frame.
EU citizens should be able to take action against all Foreign and none foreign Management of these companies who took our money and have not delivered our homes.

Mahdi 7 years ago

Such people should know that the UAE is not a lawless jungle and they must be taught an indelible lesson that the UAE is not the sanctuary of swindlers and the bouncing of cheques is a serious crime.

Jason 7 years ago

absolutely correct Mahdi.

The same applies to developers and contractors who do not fullfil their side of a contract as well.

One day we will see Government action on those as well.

UK citizen 7 years ago

In no way, I could believe that the UK will extradite a UK citizen for a money issue to the UAE where laws are not transparent especially after what happened to Safi Qurashi & Zack Shahin.

Mick 7 years ago

Full extradition to every country from every country should be allowed but should be fair. Not trumped up bogus charges based on a country's unfair claims but in cases like this, why not?

Sam 7 years ago

What do you mean by "what happened" to them ?
They commited crimes and got punished, are you implying that fraudsters and criminals should go unpunished? Maybe that is normal in your country, but not in the Gulf, where every person commiting a crime sees justice meted out.
Its appalling how many people seem to think they should be able to fraud or deceive and run away from justice.

UK citizen 7 years ago

1 - If justice will take place for sure and we could see equality, I am 100 % with you. Unfortunately, justice is biased in some third world countries. We have seen many cases where a foreigner has been held in prison for many years without a trial - such as Zack Shahin. Do you call this justice?