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Mon 11 Sep 2017 11:12 AM

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Video: Princess Haya's tips for battling your kid's screen addiction

Princess Haya sounds-off on children's health in exclusive interview with Harper's Bazaar

Video: Princess Haya's tips for battling your kid's screen addiction

HRH Princess Haya said childhood obesity is a “big issue” in the region in an exclusive interview with Harper’s Bazaar Arabia.

“I think it’s a very big issue in this region because of the availability of good food, which is a blessing in many ways.

The wife of HH Sheikh Mohammed al Maktoum warned parents of the pitfalls of ‘huge lifestyle changes’ in the new digital age.

“I do think that the introduction or the speed at which modern communications is also progressing is another factor for young people.

“There needs to be a huge push to get kids back outdoors and interested in and inlove with sports,” she tells Bazaar.

“Genetically, it's just common sense that human beings were supposed to move at least 11 hours a day, and not sit and just move their fingers,” she said.

The princess said she restricts screen time in the royal house-hold to one hour a day.

Her daughter Jaila, 9 has a passion for horses while her son Zaid 5 loves desert sports such as camping, tracking and off-roading.

Photo from Princess Haya’s Instagram account of Sheikha Jalila enjoying horse-riding Dec. 2016

“It's really good to get them passionate about sports… the trick is finding which sport and what suits them best and making sure that it's something they enjoy rather than you enjoy,”   the princess, who was a showjumper for Jordan in the 2000 Sydney Olympics said.

Photo from Princess Haya’s Instragram’s account when5 year-old son Zayed enjoying desert sports Nov. 2016

During the three part interview, the princess also spoke about her children’s philanthropic instincts and the challenges of women’s healthcare in the Arab world.