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Sun 29 Jun 2008 05:44 PM

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UK demands proof Iran not seeking nukes

British PM says Tehran 'not been totally honest with international community'.

Iran must prove it is not interested in developing nuclear weapons, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown said on Sunday.

Iran says it only wants nuclear technology for energy purposes but others suspect Tehran desires a nuclear arsenal, sparking speculation of a military confrontation and helping to drive oil prices to record levels above $140 a barrel this year.

"Iran has not been totally honest with the international community," Brown told CNN in an interview.

"We need a firm and absolute commitment that Iran is not going to break from the Non-Proliferation Treaty and have nuclear weapons. That is the first stage."

The United States and European Union have said they want to find a diplomatic solution to the stand-off, but Iran has so far ruled out halting its atomic programme in exchange for economic incentives. (Reuters)

Hombil 11 years ago

Agree, Tehran is not honest with the international community. However, were US and UK honest with the international community, when they attacked Iraq on the pretext of WMD? US and to some extent UK are responsible for the mess they have created in ME region today. Having said that, I do not side with Tehran, whose present government cannot be trusted!