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Mon 19 Aug 2013 10:33 AM

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UK refuses UAE extradition request in blackmail case

The former Dubai expat allegedly threatened to publish naked pictures of his estranged wife

UK refuses UAE extradition request in blackmail case

A UK court has denied a request by the UAE government to extradite a former expat back to Dubai to face allegations he blackmailed his estranged wife by threatening to publish naked images of her on the internet.

Born in the UK and of Pakistani origin, the request to extradite Yasir Afsar was rejected on the grounds “that he will not be afforded a fair trial and furthermore that he will be prejudiced by reason of his ethnicity.”

The UAE made the request in relation to allegations Afsar, who fled the UAE in 2006 when he ran into financial troubles, attempted to blackmail his wife, who married him in 2005 and remained in the UAE.

“It is alleged that YA made threats to his estranged wife in 2007 and 2008 to the effect that unless she sent him money he would post naked photographs of her on the internet. His wife refused to send the money that he demanded and on 3rd October 2008 her friend Ms Berera contacted her to say that she had received an email from YA with an attachment which was a naked photograph of the complainant,” court documents claimed.

Under UAE law, Afsar faced up to five years in jail and a fine of up to AED50,000 ($13,612) if he was convicted of the charges by a UAE court.

Afsar refused the extradition order, claiming “there are strong grounds for believing that, if returned, he will face a real risk of being subjected to torture or to inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment,” the documents added.

His legal team claimed he would not be afforded a fair trial and could face torture due to his Pakistani ethnicity.

In his ruling, District Judge MC Zani said no assurances had been given by the UAE regarding Afsar’s concerns and it had refused to allow court experts to visit UAE prisons to prepare a report on conditions.

Evidence was also submitted by the defence “from other UK nationals who have been detained in the UAE in the recent past and who recount their experiences,” the court said.

Concluding, Judge Zani said he was “entirely satisfied that Mr Afsar has amply demonstrated that in the event of his return his rights would be breached and he would suffer prejudice by reason of his ethnicity.”


MJM 6 years ago

what a sad man!

hesham 6 years ago

it is good UAE is following this useless jerk, someone should stand infront of such bhaviours, thanks for UAE gov, even if no result at least stopped this guy o continuing his craziness

nimby 6 years ago

The article ends
"he would suffer prejudice by reason of his ethnicity"

Incorrect. It should say
"he would suffer prejudice by reason of his stupidity"

This pathetic guy deserves to be locked up longer than 5 years

HHH 6 years ago

"If returned, he will face a real risk of being subjected to torture or to inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment,”

What a ridiculous accusation! The UAE does NOT torture or treat anybody in a degrading way, not in prison, or court or outside. This guy horribly blackmailed his wife, and yet the UK is protecting him from a charge officially pressed against him, merely because he holds their passport?! What does that say about the UK?

SAM 6 years ago

This guy fled the UAE in 2006. His threat was made in 2007 and in 2008 he carried it out. Why is this the concern of UAE? If the crime was committed in the UK then UAE should not be allowed to extradite this idiot anyway. Posing naked for someone to take a photo is kind of dumb too. It must be that they want him for his financial dealings and not for the posting of a picture.

Red Snappa 6 years ago

Yes indeed a rather desperately brainless approach to overcoming penury.

However, not an unexpected UK court decision following the recent cases that hit the headlines all over the world, i.e. the three Britons claiming torture and the Norwegian lady, only freed under a Ramadan amnesty, not forgetting the Indian student who could have ended up in prison because he published a video of an assault on one of his countrymen on YouTube by a senior public servant.

Unfortunately, combine a long succession of PR unsavoury justice cases and they paint a rather poor picture in terms of rights.

Monkey Tennis 6 years ago

It says the UK has an independent judiciary; there are many benefits to this but one of the features of this system is that it is reliant upon individual judges to make the right call; they don't always do that.

Peter Johnstone 6 years ago

Regardless of the fact that this man sounds like a completely pathetic piece of work, the fact remains that his concerns for receiving a fair trial in the UAE is completely legitimate. You can only applaud the UK authorities for blocking this extradition request.

Andy 6 years ago

One can not deny that there is no prejudice in Dubai at the moment. The locals of which were pardoned from prison during Ramadan were supposed to have their debts settled. The non-locals which were owed money still have not been paid. This is prejudice and injustice. I hope the editors will post this without prejudice. Honesty is the best policy.

Ali 6 years ago

He is a dangerous criminal and the UK only shows it support of criminals by not extraditing him. And I dont get, he is not a true British man, why is the UK trying to help him so much?