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Thu 7 Apr 2011 06:33 PM

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US has ‘evidence’ of Iran link to political unrest, says Gates

US Defense Secretary says Iran has meddled in Middle East states hit by uprisings

US has ‘evidence’ of Iran link to political unrest, says Gates
Defense secretary Robert Gates said the US has “evidence” of Iranian interference in Bahrain and other Middle East countries

secretary Robert Gates said the US has “evidence” of Iranian interference in
Bahrain and other Middle East countries hit by political unrest.

already have evidence that the Iranians are trying to exploit the situation in
Bahrain, and we also have evidence that they are talking about what they can do
to try and create problems elsewhere as well," Gates was quoted as saying
by AFP during a meeting in Riyadh.

between Gates and Saudi King Abdullah had focused in part on Iranian efforts to
leverage the political turbulence in the region, he said.

Arab countries are concerned over what they see as the ambition of Iran, a
non-Arab Shi'ite Muslim power, to extend its influence in Arab countries mostly
under Sunni rule.

ministers in the Gulf last week condemned what they called Iran’s ongoing
meddling in their affairs after the Persian country condemned the dispatch
of Saudi and UAE troops to Bahrain.

GCC Ministerial Council also accused Iran of “flagrant interference” in the
domestic affairs of Kuwait, where three men were last week sentenced to death
for operating an Iranian spy ring.

statement referred to Iran’s “flagrant interference… by planting espionage
networks in [Kuwait’s] territories and attempting to undermine its security,
stability and interests.”

has said it may expel three Iranian diplomats over the spying row and recalled
its ambassador from Tehran. Iran has denied the allegations.

has been vocal in its condemnation of the use of Gulf troops to quell protests
in Bahrain. In a statement last week, the country’s Shura Council said Saudi
Arabia was “playing with fire” by sending troops to the neighbouring country, a
statement dismissed as “irresponsible” by the kingdom.

Jam 8 years ago

Don't they have evidence who is instigating trouble in Libya?

Rouzbeh 8 years ago

There is no interference from Iran. Its the pure frustration of the common mass, from there unworthy rulers/ monarch

Saeid 8 years ago

"US has ‘evidence’ of Iran link to political unrest, says Gates"

This just in: Iran has evidence of US link to Libyan rebels fighting the government.

mary 8 years ago

LOL, well said, its all just so bloody frustrating, but as long as the lies of the western governments continue, the people of Libya and Bahrain will die.....

BUT.... its all going to be okay for the tyrants, regimes and the west as long as the US fleet stays in Bahrain, the oil comes out of Libya, who cares about slaughtering innocent people who just want basic human rights, it makes me feel sick and I feel powerless to do anything when my goverment is complicent and active in the killings and tortures.

American in Kuwait 8 years ago

As an American I have the right to state that I do not believe most things that the American Government says. Show the proof !

Mazen 8 years ago


The difference is "covert" versus "overt" in the eyes of the US, Bahrain and The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia...

I am not saying that either is right...

Mac 8 years ago

America had proof of WMD in Iraq, what happened to that
this is nothing but appeasing saudi Arabia

Red Snappa 8 years ago

With the budget deficit wrangling going on in Washington, might it not be appropriate for the GCC to rent the Fifth Fleet from the Americans as a deterrent to Iran's ambition?

I guess the sad truth is if oil traffic or its value wasn't an issue and feeding the Western industrial beast a necessity, the US Navy would be parked in the Caribbean. "Hello this is USS Nassau flight control, we're all at the beach right now, please land the plane after the beep!"