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Tue 24 Jan 2012 02:58 PM

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US relocates Bahrain embassy staff from protest areas

Renewed safety fears for employees amid increasingly violent anti-government protests

US relocates Bahrain embassy staff from protest areas
Flashback to the Bahrain protests in March last year

US embassy staff in Bahrain are to be relocated to new
neighbourhoods in Manama this week amid renewed fears for their safety as
anti-government protests continue.

Rallies along the Budaiya Highway corridor have “led to
traffic disruptions, effectively restricting travel for those living in the
area,” according to a statement, posted on the US Embassy website. “The
resulting inability to leave one’s home for an extended period poses
significant safety and security concerns.”

Demonstrations have included trash can fires, roadblocks and
the creation of unofficial checkpoints by protesters, the statement said.

“Participants have thrown rocks and Molotov cocktails and
used various other homemade weapons.” 

The US State Department said it had found no evidence of
Westerners being directly targeted, but had noticed "isolated examples of
anti-US sentiment" and the burning of US flags.

Tensions in the island nation persist almost a year after
the start of demonstrations by mostly Shiite protesters demanding a more
representative government and greater rights from the country’s Sunni Muslim
rulers. At least 35 people died during the February-March rallies and the
subsequent government crackdown.

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Deena 8 years ago

Everyone has the right to say what they have but with respect and in a mature way.. All those kids that r pulled into rioting and attacking are JUST kids who and because they didn't complete their high school (public schools are free) are easily brain washed into such things.. I don't say that there r things that ppl need in Bahrain but still we thank God we all have homes no matter how good or bad,, we have food even if little,, we in the gulf just go to the extreme of luxury and not think.. So guys who riot dont compare ur selves with Tunisa the have brains.. We need our country we need peace we need ppl who talk and not blabbering shit (apology for the word). Bahrain has changed,, 10 years back widows and orphans were not paid monthly salaries to support them, divorced women had their supporting amount increased slightly, handicapped too are paid.. Electricity is dropped of the needy,,, for Gods sake wake up..
Thank you...

Yasser 8 years ago

Dear Deema,
Until you acknowledge, you and others in your position, that the riots are not only related to food & subsidies, then Bahrain will continue the malaize. This means further deterioration of the situation at all levels. At least acknowledge that Shias, in general, are marginalized and discreminated against historically in Bahrain (never mind the cosmetic religious freedoms such as allowing them to ashoora ceremonies, i'm talking about real equality and provision of upward mobility by governmental and private sector institutions)! Don't blame them for not finishing high school. When you lose faith in your country, then your only resource is to be a fisherman, laborer, or even a criminal!

irfan 8 years ago

The tension in Bahrain is all Iran's doing. thank God at least Americans are not leaving Bahrain only relocating staff.

Yusef Fisher 8 years ago

Iran better get the idea that they are marginalized and isolated from the rest of the world community....and that ongoing sanctions by the free world will drive them into the ground, Insha'Allah.