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Tue 22 Feb 2011 06:12 PM

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Vancouver is world's best city to live in, says survey

Vancouver came top in rankings based on factors such as healthcare, culture and education

Vancouver is world's best city to live in, says survey
TOP CITY: Vancouver topped the list of the worlds most liveable cities for the fifth straight year (Getty Images)\n

Vancouver topped the list of the world's most liveable cities for the fifth straight year, while Melbourne claimed second place from Vienna and Australian and Canadian cities dominated the list's top 10 spots.

In the annual survey by the Economist Intelligence Unit, the Canadian west coast city and 2010 Winter Olympics host scored 98 percent on a combination of stability, health care, culture and environment, education, and infrastructure - a score unchanged from last year.

It has topped the list from 2007.

Although Melbourne pipped the Austrian capital for silver medal, there was no other major change near the top of the list of 140 cities worldwide. Auckland, New Zealand, came in 10th.

"Mid-sized cities in developed countries with relatively low population densities tend to score well by having all the cultural and infrastructural benefits on offer with fewer problems related to crime or congestion," said Jon Copestake, editor of the report, in a statement.

Pittsburgh was the top US city with 29th place - just ahead of Honolulu - while Los Angeles moved up three places to 44th and New York held onto the 56th spot.

London moved up one place to 53rd while Paris came in at number 16.

The top Asian city was Osaka at number 12, tying Geneva, Switzerland and beating out the Japanese capital of Tokyo, which came in at 18.

Hong Kong came in at 31 but Beijing, capital of the world's most populous nation and No. 2 economy, straggled in at 72.

There was also little change at the bottom, with Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe, once again claiming the worst position with a rating of 37.5 percent, narrowing beating out the Bangladesh capital of Dhaka.

The Economist Intelligence Unit survey ranks cities based on 30 factors such as healthcare, culture and environment, and education and personal safety.

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The worst cities in the world to live in

cora 8 years ago

just avoid Hastings Street in Vancouver as it is so scary

Brian 8 years ago

Please highlight this further and have all future immigrants head to canada and stay away from Europe please :)

anne 8 years ago

I lived in Vancouver for three years and found it highly overrated. There is barely any sun light, rent is expensive, public transport is slow and culturally it's a bit stagnant. If you have a ton of money and go skiing every weekend, and don't mind SADs, it's great. Oh, and if you like hippies, it's even better - I'm a bit sick of the patchouli crowd myself. I'll take oud any day.

samantha 8 years ago

It's the most expensive place in the world too. If you have the money any place is the best place to live.

Saeid 8 years ago

I'd love to move there some day

Kuwaiti 8 years ago

Hey look who is talking, someone from Poland about immigrants.

His Excellency Dr Paul 8 years ago

No wonder UAE airlines want more Canadian landing slots! Presumably so all the people from the UAE can visit the nicest city in the world?

zen 8 years ago

samantha, spot on.

Be Happy 8 years ago

What are you talking about? According to the Mercer Cost of Living Survey it is 75th. Get your facts straight.

With your negative attitude, I don't think you would be happy wherever you live.